Update 62

by David Meadows 21. July 2019 21:53

I've written an encyclopaedia entry on the Big Munch burger.

In all seriousness, did anyone really need an encyclopaedia entry on the Big Munch burger? Dear Lord, have I completely lost the plot?

Other pages in this update include biographies of some minor characters: Greywolf II (brother of the original (deceased) Greywolf), Viper II (alternate timeline version of the original Viper), and Karl Zod III (alternate timeline version of the original Karl Zod and possible ancestor of Karl Zod II (are you confused yet?))

And that's it, I'm still westling with getting some more story chapters finished but at least I'm still writing something. Even if it is burger encyclopaedia entries :|



by David Meadows 20. July 2019 23:08

Character biographies are a bit of a problem.

The original idea of the "Who's Who" was to fill in background details that didn't naturally arise in the course of the story but were still important to me in understanding the character's personality and motivations.

The problem is, I didn't just write background in the bios, I wrote what was "currently" happening to, the details that were documented in the story.

But I couldn't document a character's' "future" (even though I know it), because it would spoil plots for anyone who was reading the story. So the bios went completely out of date for recurring characters.

This is a long-winded way of saying I'm going to stop writing bios until I figure out a better way to do it. I have some already finished or in progress, so I'll release those in the next update or two, then I'll stop and concentrate on other things.


No Update

by David Meadows 19. July 2019 22:42

I am officially moving the weekly update to Sundays. This makes a lot more sense in my typical weekly schedule, and I should always done it. The only reason I started on a Friday was so the launch could be on May 27th (which is a significant date in the Game universe).

I was actually going to to do this last week, but I was away last Sunday. So regular updates will continue on Sunday 21st. See you there.


Update 61

by David Meadows 12. July 2019 22:00

Bit of a strange update this time, as it's all history pages. There are five new pages that document the events of the alternate 24th century timeline. Working out who did what when took so long that I didn't get around to creating anything new. But the important thing is, it's an update for the second week running. Which is a positive sign.  


Update 60

by David Meadows 5. July 2019 21:31

Restarting something after a long break is hard. But I'm going to try.

Not a major piece of writing, though. I'm going to add some fairly short and simple pieces, kind of easing back into it. So this month you will find pages covering:

I have five different fiction chapters half-written and I will try to finish one of them to upload next week, but no promises. But I'll do my best to upload something, even if it's just a one-paragraph addition to the history timeline.

Small steps definitely seems like way forward.


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