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by David Meadows 6. November 2016 19:27

I currently have a list of 639 potential cross-references to 300 pages which will eventually need to be written. Seems like the best way to tackle the problem is to write the pages that are pointed to from the most different places (on the assumption that these must be important if they're mentioned a lot).

So as of now, here are the most popular items:

Row Labels Count of REFERENCES
James 12
Electron 10
Scorpio 10
Jerome 10
Chi-Yun 9
Nightflyer 9
Don 8
Luey 7

Complicating things is the fact that several of these characters have big revelations in upcoming storylines, and I don't want to preempt them by doing a bio that will be either incomplete or have to undergo major changes very soon.

So it looks like the characters I will be doing over the next few weeks are Electron, Nightflyer, Don and Luey. In that order.

Just in case you were wondering.


Week 22

by David Meadows 5. November 2016 19:04

Strikeforce have discovered that their team-mate Black Swan is in the clutches of their arch-nemesis, the Warscout.

They currently have no idea where to look.

'No idea' is normal for Strikeforce.

Yes, the Swansong storyline reaches its conclusion in Strikeforce chapter 11.

This is complemented by a biography of Black Swan herself -- but you won't want to read this until after you read the story!

Also new this week is an article on Don's customised, armoured recreational vehicle.

And there's a timeline of 2013 which documents several minor events that have been referenced in various stories.

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This is not America

by David Meadows 1. November 2016 20:28

It's important for any writer to research his story, of course. So when I decided to set this story in America, I did extensive research on American culture, society, and geography.

Or, to be specific, I watched a lot of TV.

This setting is not the real America. I have absolutely no idea what the real America is like. The setting I am using is an America filtered through Hollywood. So you might find it looks a little weird and functions a little unrealistically.

This shouldn't actually matter. After all, I'm creating a fantasy. The stage that the characters move across may be loosely based on the real world, but it is definitely not the real world. It is close enough to be understandable, I hope, and it functions as logically as the real world, I hope (not that there's very much logic in the way the real world functions anyway). But in the fine detail, things may get a bit wonky.

I'm armed with a Rand McNally road atlas, a comprehensive encyclopaedia, (with, I admit, a slight British bias), an Internet connection (of dubious real value), and a handful of American friends I can ask if something is really crucial. Everything else I draw from TV, movies, and of course American comic books.

If you need a rationalisation of why something isn't working right, I wave my hand and pronounce that the history of my universe deviated in at least some ways from the history we are familiar with.

So I'm not really going to apologise for anything. But, as always, I'm happy to get feedback on what went wrong.


Same stuff, different day...

by David Meadows 31. October 2016 20:13

This week's update might be Saturday instead of Friday.

No reason. It just might be.


Week 21

by David Meadows 28. October 2016 21:25

New this week: Heroes issue 11. The last thing Don said when he cut the team loose at the end of last issue was "keep a low profile". Do you think they listened to him? Here's a hint: the title of this issue, Low Profile, is entirely ironic.

The new factual article this week is an overdue look at the technical specifications of the Strikeforce Teleport system.

There's a new timeline for 1995, and with it I'm starting a new policy of including events that haven't yet been referenced in the main stories. So they won't mean much to you at the moment, but think of them as teasers of stories yet to be told.

You'll notice that the timeline formatting is a bit wonky for some events, but it's not major so fixing it is quite low down my to-do list. I have been reformatting the Who's Who entries, though, as the old format was overly fussy and not in keeping with the rest of the site's design. I haven't redone all the pages yet, but I'm working on it.

And that's probably it. Come back next week for the conclusion of the Swan Song storyline...

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Week 20

by David Meadows 21. October 2016 18:55

The Strikeforce story is back on track! This week you will find part one of the cleverly named (well, I think so) "Swan Song" storyline. Just why does Black Swan keep missing team meetings? The answers are in Strikeforce chapter 10!

Not much else this week. There are a few timeline updates in the History section, and there's a new article devoted to the Penal Colony on Titan.

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Just arrived...

by David Meadows 20. October 2016 13:24

Amazing that there are any of these left in the world in mint condition...


Comment Spam

by David Meadows 18. October 2016 18:25

I really don't understand what purpose it serves.

Now there's a possibility that this comment left on an old blog post is legit:

...but it seems unlikely. It's on a random (and not very interesting) post from four months ago, and the comment is generic and empty of worthwhile content, suggesting the the person leaving it hasn't even read the post.

So I'm left wondering why. It's not advertising anything (which would be the obvious reason for paying some kid in China a fraction of a penny for spamming blogs), there's no URL, there's nothing to indicate it serves a useful purpose for anyone. And yet somebody has gone to the effort of finding my blog, overcoming my (admittedly very simple) bot trap, and writing a random sentence.

What's the point?

Genuine question. I'm am baffled.


Week 19

by David Meadows 14. October 2016 22:15

Back on track with a full range of new pages.

The lead story is issue 10 of Heroes: Unglued. Action! Excitement! The return of the K-Men! And you won't believe how this one ends!!!

In the Encyclopaedia I've finally added a page for Strikeforce, because they are kind of central to... well, everything.

There a new page describing Sylvia Roth's beach house, because we've spent a couple of issues there so why not?

And various other bits and updates to old pages and new cross references.


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Beam me up, Scotty!

by David Meadows 10. October 2016 22:36

Just wrote a long essay on the principles of the Strikeforce teleport system, and realised it really needs some diagrams to go with it.

I'm rubbish at diagrams.

This may take some time...


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