Update ... 40, I think

by David Meadows 12. January 2018 22:00

Months overdue. No excuses. I'll aim to get back to a weekly schedule, but it might be a bit light until I build up a decent reserve of content. Next week should go ahead as I already have Heroes #20 ready, but I'm not sure after that...

So, this week we've got a new Strikeforce chapter, chapter 19, "Major Changes", called that because ... well, you'll see.

The other content is a bit light. I want to flesh out the Defense League of America (seen in Strikeforce chapter 7 and scheduled to recur several times) so I've started with the Green Knight. And I want to build up more of the immediate pre-Strikeforce history, so there's a timeline of important events in 1986. I've been thinking of a complete revamp of the history section because the format doesn't quite work, so this might be the last timeline update for a while while I work on a new look and architecture for it.

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Update (week 36)

by David Meadows 5. May 2017 21:17

This week, the conclusion to the "Avatar" two-part tale: Strikeforce chapter 18: Karoona.

Avatar has been dragged to Hell, but I'm sure he'll be ok. I mean, he's a demon anyway, right?


     His arms and legs were bound to it by iron chains. On Earth, Avatar’s strength would have shattered the manacles without an effort. But here, the manacles were as strong as Karoona willed them to be. After a token effort, he hadn’t even tried to break free. 

     Karoona reached down and with one clawed hand he grasped the amulet Avatar always wore around his neck. It was a five-pointed star set in a circle, suspended from a silver chain. It was also the object that a Human wizard had used to bind Karouvicine to the Earthly plane. As long as he wore it, Avatar would retain his free will on Earth.

     Karoona tore the chain from Avatar’s neck. 



If the trauma of reading that doesn't finish you off, you might want to look at the new biographies of a couple of Strikeforce supporting characters: the DICE agent Huey and the villainous Dragon.


Next update next week. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

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Missing players

by David Meadows 2. May 2017 22:31

Sometimes when you're playing a game, you have a player who can't be there for some reason. There are a number of ways to deal with it. If you're in the middle of an adventure, you do your best to continue it while you (as GM) play the missing player's character as fairly as you can. If you're about to start a new adventure, you simply assume the player's character is somewhere else that day, and go on without him.

Or, if you have enough advance notice, you prepare a game that can only take place when the player is absent. For example, when Avatar's player was away for one session, I had Avatar kidnapped by a demon. I couldn't do that if the player was present. Well, I could, but it wouldn't be fair on him to make him just watch, completely uninvolved, while the other players tried to rescue him.

So, Strikeforce chapters 17 and 18: it's all Avatar's player's fault.

It's also the pivotal story of the entire 30-year Game, as I may have mentioned.

Chapter 18 coming this Friday...

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Update (week 34)

by David Meadows 21. April 2017 21:57

In this week's Strikeforce chapter, Avatar gets himself in a spot of bother:


‘If Karoona wants Avatar, then we must foil him. We must retrieve him,’ said the Sorcerer at last.

‘That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you,’ said Nightflyer. ‘So how?’

‘Someone must journey to the Nether Regions and retrieve him.’

‘Why do I get the feeling that’s going to be us and not you?’ asked Scorpio.

‘Oh, I cannot go. Far too dangerous for me to place myself in Karoona’s grasp so openly.’

‘Well, there’s a surprise,’ said Electron.


The most important storyline in Strikeforce's history (and that's not even hyperbole) kicks off in Chapter 17: Haven

Supplementing this, I have two book reviews: Demon City: The Haunting of Vancouver, and It Happens in Underground Car Parks. And yes, both are connected to the story! And just to tidy up a loose end, I've added a really trivial article on Wallis and Wallis.

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Update (week 32)

by David Meadows 24. March 2017 20:46
This week I proudly present chapter 16 of Strikeforce: The Hill, Part II.
Last time, we saw Strikeforce finally discover the hidden Anarchist base. And now...
     ‘The important thing is, we know where it is and we can storm it,’ said Nightflyer. ‘Let’s go now while it’s dark.’
     ‘Hold on,’ cautioned Electron. ‘I’m as keen as anyone, but as we’re pretty sure they have hostages in there ...’
     ‘He’s right,’ said Eastwood. ‘They’ve been there a long time, they’re not going anywhere now. So nobody goes blundering in until we have a plan. That’s an order. Understood?’ He glared around at Strikeforce, daring them to object.
     ‘I’m all about the plans,’ said Nightflyer cheerfully. Electron snorted and Nightflyer gave him an innocent look.
What could possibly go wrong?
On top of that I've done some work on the history pages, added short entries for 1829 and 1849 and tidied up some other bits of the timeline. And I'm afraid that's your lot for this update.

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Week 30

by David Meadows 10. March 2017 22:26

Yes, the hiatus is unforgivable, and I can only apologize and blame various real life stuff.

But finally, here's a new update!

The main story this week is chapter 15 of Strikeforce: The Hill. And Avatar's got a plan for locating the hidden Anarchist base:

‘Don’t you think DICE have tried something as simple as following them before?’ said Electron.

‘But DICE don’t have an insubstantial, invisible, super-fast demon,’ said Nightflyer.

‘That’s me,’ said Avatar, smugly. ‘In astral form.’

‘Eastwood will never go for it,’ said Scorpio.

‘We won’t know until we ask him,’ Nightflyer pointed out.

‘Very well, let’s ask him,’ said Scorpio, standing and putting on his helmet.

‘Now? It’s after midnight.’

‘He’s the head of an international spy organisation. You think he sleeps?’ 


In the Who's Who, we tidy up a loose end by writing up Gemma Webster. And in the Gazetteer, there's an entry for Yucca Mountain.

Yucca Mountain is completely irrelevant to the on-going story, as it's an orphaned plot thread that we never followed up. I was seeding a lot of potential plots around the United States, to give the players some choices about where they wanted to go. They never got to Yucca Mountain, but as is usual for the way I plot, I worked out how the situation played out without them. So it's part of the story, even if it was never part of the Game.

I actually think I did do some indirect follow up years later, but I'm a bit hazy on how it connected without reviewing my notes, so that will have to wait until the Heroes story reaches that point.


There should be another update next week. I'm fairly confident of that.

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Week 28

by David Meadows 13. January 2017 23:37

Only two new items this week due to unexpected stuff eating up my writing time. 

In the new Strikeforce chapter, Crossfire Part II, the alien invasion is in full swing:

On the ground, Scorpio was equally worried.

‘How many of these things do you think are on the ship?’ he called to Nightflyer.

‘Too many. It’s huge!’

‘We’re going to need a better plan,’ said Scorpio.

‘You mean better than no plan at all? Hold the fort, I’ll confer with the aliens.’

Nightflyer leaped clean over one squad of Krai, weaved through the blaster fire of another, and skidded to a halt near where the solid-looking Star Guard leader was defending Princess M’Krell from attack. He was pleased to note that the princess had seized a fallen Krai blaster and was enthusiastically joining the battle.

‘Singularity, this isn’t winnable,’ he said. ‘We’re looking for a better plan.’

‘Better than no plan at all?’ said M’Krell, Singularity’s translator making a good job of conveying her sarcasm.

Nightflyer grinned as he dropped a pair of Krai with spinning kicks. ‘We’re usually good with no plans,’ he explained.

And in the Encyclopaedia this week, an in-depth look at the Department of Intelligence and Counter-Espionage:

A high-level NATO meeting in 1980 laid the foundation for a concerted response to the threat, and the Department of Intelligence and Counter-Espionage was subsequently formed. The DICE charter included international extra-legal powers specifically to combat the Anarchist threat. DICE and the Anarchists were locked in covert (sometimes overt) combat for the rest of the decade and into the '90s.


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Week 26

by David Meadows 9. December 2016 23:33

Today's new chapter is Strikeforce chapter 13: Crossfire. Strikeforce meet their first extra-terrestrial! Or two... or three... 

Over in the Who's Who section you can get the whole life story of Don Newman. This is probably the most important bio published so far. Don straddles both the Strikeforce and Heroes eras, and has done a lot more besides, so this is packed with more background detail than anything I've published so far.

After all that effort, the other new pages have to be fairly minor: a piece on the Vancouver Sentinel which I admit is pretty pointless, and a timeline of 1997 in which you might find a couple of interesting details (whether background teasers or foreshadowing, you decide).

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by David Meadows 17. November 2016 23:55

Strikeforce chapter 12 has gone completely out of control.

It was supposed to have a short epilogue teasing the next chapter. Then the epilogue turned into a huge space battle that's taken me all night to write.

All I'm saying is, if I don't post a new chapter tomorrow it's not my fault.

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Week 22

by David Meadows 5. November 2016 19:04

Strikeforce have discovered that their team-mate Black Swan is in the clutches of their arch-nemesis, the Warscout.

They currently have no idea where to look.

'No idea' is normal for Strikeforce.

Yes, the Swansong storyline reaches its conclusion in Strikeforce chapter 11.

This is complemented by a biography of Black Swan herself -- but you won't want to read this until after you read the story!

Also new this week is an article on Don's customised, armoured recreational vehicle.

And there's a timeline of 2013 which documents several minor events that have been referenced in various stories.

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