Suddenly, One Week Later ...

by David Meadows 3. June 2016 21:58

The site has been active for a week, and so far so good. Most of it worked (there was one broken link, but I think I fixed it before too many people noticed), and my server logs tell me that people really are looking at the site (though it's entirely possible that they all hate it and won't come back).

So here I am, miraculously keeping up with my commitment to add content every week. Not a huge amount this week: a new chapter of Heroes and a couple of essays about Atlantis, which will (at the moment) seem unrelated to either of the ongoing stories.

I've helpfully added links to the new content on the home page, so you don't have to go hunting all over the site for it.

I'm going to alternate chapters of the two stories, so next week you can expect chapter two of Strikeforce, with chapter three of Heroes the week after that. Realistically, I can't write two 6,000-word stories a week, so aiming to alternate them seems to be the best way to keep on track. I should also manage at least two essay-type articles a week, as I have this week. Plus a blog post, of course, which hopefully will be more interesting than this one has been. Friday seems like a good day for me to update (I never do anything on Friday nights, it's so sad...) so next update should be June 10th.

You can leave me comments below or e-mail me and tell me what I'm doing wrong, if you like. Otherwise I'll just assume you're one of the people who looked at the site and hated it...

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