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by David Meadows 6. November 2016 19:27

I currently have a list of 639 potential cross-references to 300 pages which will eventually need to be written. Seems like the best way to tackle the problem is to write the pages that are pointed to from the most different places (on the assumption that these must be important if they're mentioned a lot).

So as of now, here are the most popular items:

Row Labels Count of REFERENCES
James 12
Electron 10
Scorpio 10
Jerome 10
Chi-Yun 9
Nightflyer 9
Don 8
Luey 7

Complicating things is the fact that several of these characters have big revelations in upcoming storylines, and I don't want to preempt them by doing a bio that will be either incomplete or have to undergo major changes very soon.

So it looks like the characters I will be doing over the next few weeks are Electron, Nightflyer, Don and Luey. In that order.

Just in case you were wondering.


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