4-TE is a member world of the Emissariate of Bolusca.

Planetary Characteristics

4-TE is a class B- planet, the fourth planet of an F8 star approximately 4000 parsecs coreward of Bolusca. Its orbital distance from its star is 1.4 Boluscanomical Units (BU), giving it a year of 1.5 cycles. The luminosity of the star (approximately 1.9 x Bolusca's primary) gives 4-TE a hot, dry climate with mean temperatures around 303 K, peaking at 320 K in the hot (summer) season.

Very little vegetation grows on the planet's three main landmasses, and there is no significant animal life, but the warm, mineral-rich oceans which cover 40% of the surface are teeming with marine flora and fauna.

The Boluscan population of 4-TE is slightly over three billion, most dwelling in sprawling coastal cities. This population co-exists with an intelligent, native, aquatic species. The aquatics have a primitive, nomadic society, and operate under their own laws, having almost no contact with the air-breathing population. Exact numbers are unknown, but believed to be in the tens of millions.

There are several other worlds in the TE system, but none are inhabited.


4-TE was colonised early in Boluscan history, with Cy 66 accepted as the date of the colony's founding. Living conditions in the early colony were harsh, and the population saw little expansion until after the First Krai War, when the planet rapidly became a major centre of agriculture, exporting ocean-grown proteins. Today, 4-TE is one of the more important and prosperous of the Emissariate's farm worlds. In recent cycles, it has also begun to gain a reputation as a popular holiday resort for those who can afford it.