The Alars


The Alars were a humanoid race that built an empire spanning the Milky Way galaxy billions of years before the current human era.


The Alars evolved on an Earth-like planet orbiting an unremarkable Population I star in a spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy. The first life arose on their world approximately five billion years ago, though it took more than two billion years of evolution before the species calling themselves the Alars arose and developed a civilization, and millions more before the Alar empire had grown to cover most of the galaxy.

At the height of its power, the Alar empire encountered the Squaax, a species inhabiting a nearby galaxy. The resulting war lasted millions of years and raged across both galaxies. Finally, near enhaustion, the Alars developed the Doomsday Weapon, a weapon so powerful that it ended the war almost immediately and all but annihilated the Squaax.

Exhausted by the conflict, the Alar empire collapsed, more than two billion years before the Human era, and almost every trace of their existence subsequently vanished.


Today, the only lasting legacy of the Alars is the Doomsday Weapon, which survives, hidden, on the world they built it on: a small, insignificant world we now call Earth.