Defense League of America


The Defense League of America (DLA, or sometimes referred to simply as "the Defenders") was the first of the modern wave of superhero teams to form on Earth in the late 20th century. Though they made their base in America and used the country's name, their operations were international in scope.


The original three members of the DLA were the Defender, Supernova, and the Green Knight. They banded together in 1983 to thwart a threat posed by the Aztec Warrior. After the Warrior was defeated, and realising that the number of active super-powered menaces was increasing, they agreed to work together to tackle further threats that no one of them could defeat alone. By mutual consent it was agreed that the Defender would lead the group and be its public face.

They were funded by industrialist Tim Green's personal fortune. The first thing he did was to buy outright an office block in Manhattan and equip the top several floor as their headquarters (and living space, for those members that wanted it). More equipment soon followed, such as their famous and distinctive QuadJet aircraft.

From almost the start, the League had the approval and backing of the United States government, and they were assigned an official liaison from the Department of Intelligence and Counter-Espionage (DICE).

More members soon joined the founding trio, and though many members came and went over the years the core group remained relatively constant.

The Defense League officially disbanded when their members lost their powers during the Event.


Note: this is an incomplete list, including only members that have been mentioned in the Strikeforce or Heroes chronicles to date.