Trolls is the name given to hard-core fans of the Troll Rock musical genre, a style of loud, aggressive electronic music characterised by pounding, monotonous, drum patterns and guttural vocals.

Trolls adopt a very brutal, aggressive clothing style, mixing futuristic and pseudo-gothic elements. Studded leather and sharp accessories are common. Uglifying make-up is expected. Hard-core Trolls wear tusks and horns (prosthetics or even implants).

More specifically, the term has come to be applied to a particular criminal element within the Troll subculture. Trolls are often found in the employ of criminal gangs, and are known to be particularly violent and aggressive.

In particular, Trolls are associated with Troll Dust, a narcotic that provides the user with a short burst of increased strength and high resistance to pain. A Troll on "Dust" could easily punch through a brick wall.

Notable Criminal Trolls