Unified Wrestling Federation


The Unified Wrestling Federation (UWF) is a professional wrestling promotion popular across North America.


The UWF began as a small Midwest-based promotion in the 1980s. In the early years the struggling promotion made ends meet by hiring out masked wrestlers as "muscle" for criminal organisations. After several of their high-profile stars were put behind bars, the UWF publically cleaned up their image. Ironically, the publicity from their criminal background aided them, as they became "cool" in the eyes of their predominantly young fans. The federation went from strength to strength, and by the mid 2010s was the predominant wrestling promotion in North America with lucrative pay-per-view spectacles bringing in huge audience numbers.

From the start there have been allegations of the abuse of performance-enhancing drugs within the federation, from designer steroids in the 80s and 90s to troll dust in later years.

Notable Wrestlers

The Main Card wrestlers in the UWF adopted colourful names, costumes ring personas. Some of the most notable are: