Gemma Webster

  1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities

Biographical Details

Full Name
Gemma Webster.
2013; Vancouver, Canada.
Eileen Webster, mother.


Gemma is an unremarkable baby girl.

Height: 2'4" (72cm); Weight 17lbs (7.7kg) (at 1 year old).


Gemma Webster was the only child of Eileen Webster. She was born in 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. The identity of her father is not known and Gemma was raised by her mother, with help from an elderly neighbour Mrs Watson.

In 2014, Gemma was kidnapped by criminals and sold as payment for a shipment of drugs. Before she could be smuggled out of the city, Gemma was rescued by a group of young superhumans working with the Vancouver police department. It seems certain that the criminals' interest in Gemma stemmed from Eileen talking about her baby's super-human abilities while at the Troll Club.

Psychological Profile

Gemma exhibts the normal behaviour of a baby girl.

Skills and Abilities

Gemma appears to have the ability to control, or possibly communicate with, growing plants. This power appears to be entirely instinctive, given her young age. It is not known to what extent this power will fully manifest as she grows older.