Greywolf (II)

  1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities
  6. Equipment

Biographical Details

Full Name
Charlie Caine.
London, England; 4 August 1968.
Martin, brother (Greywolf I).
Career criminal and terrorist.
Member of the Anarchists.


Caucasian male; Height 5'10" (178cm); Weight 140lbs (64kg); brown hair; brown eyes.

As Greywolf, he wore a full-body, metallic grey armoured suit with face-concealing helmet.


Charlie Caine knew from an early age that his older brother was involved in criminal activity, and it was inevitable that he would follow a similar path. Dropping out of school early, he began committing minor crimes as part of a street gang, and occasionally helping his brother by acting as look-out man or helping to conceal stolen goods.

He was aware that Martin had joined the Anarchist terrorist organisation, but lost touch with him when Martin moved to America to work. He wasn't aware of his brother's death in 1987 until the Anarchists themselves contacted him in London. Aware of Charlie's feelings for his brother, they offered him the opportunity to wear the new Greywolf suit they were developing and carry on his brother's "legacy" as they put it. Charlie agreed, secret being certain it would one day allow him to avenge his brother's death, which he was convinced was caused by Strikeforce.

As it happened, Charlie's first outing as Greywolf led to a confrontation with Strikeforce, but far from gaining revenge he was captured and imprisoned.

Charlie spent the next few years in and out of prison, remaining a steady foot soldier for the Anarchists.

Psychological Profile

Caine was a violent criminal as a youth, and the Anarchists were able to harness his anger and aggression to turn him into a dangerous thug. His driving motivation was to live up to what he saw as the high achievements of his brother, and ultimately to avenge his death.

Skills and Abilities

Caine had no superhuman powers; all of his abilities came from the suit he wore. He was a competent brawler and reasonably athletic.


The Greywolf armour was completely resistant to small-arms fire.

The suit was equipped with steel claws which retracted into housings on the forearms. Greywolf could use these to stab or cut while punching, though generally Caine used them to threaten and hold off opponents and rarely (until his last fights with Strikeforce) used them in actual combat.

The suit's legs included compressed-air pistons that allowed it to leap up to eight metres vertically from a standing start. When combined with claws able to dig into brick or concrete, and Caine's own experience as a cat-burglar, Greywolf was able to very quickly scale vertical walls.