Greywolf (I)

  1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities
  6. Equipment

Biographical Details

Full Name
Martin Caine.
London, England; 14 October 1950.
17 November 1987, San Francisco.
Charlie, brother.
Career criminal and terrorist.
Member of the Anarchists.


Caucasian male; Height 5'9" (175cm); Weight 143lbs (65kg); brown hair; brown eyes.

As Greywolf, he wore a full-body, metallic grey armoured suit with face-concealing helmet.


Caine was a small time thief in London, England, wanted on several counts of robbery. Early in 1987, he was engaged in systematically rifling hotel rooms for valuables when he stumbled upon the plans for a suit of high-tech battle armour. The room he found them in belonged to an Anarchist agent who had just stolen the plans from the British Special Weapons Department and was lying low for a while. Caine tried to sell the plans among his street contacts, but none of them realised the value of what he had or how to deal with it.

Soon, the Anarchists caught up with him, but rather than execute him for his interference they saw potential in him and recruited him. Anarchist technicians would build the armour and Caine would wear it as their agent, taking the code-name "Greywolf".

Greywolf's career as an Anarchist was short. After a couple of low-key operations in Britain, he travelled to America and worked with the West Coast faction of the Anarchists. He was involved in the first Anarchist clash with the Strikeforce, during the kidnapping of Professor Karl Zod. In a battle in a park in San Francisco, Greywolf was accidentally killed by Scorpio, acing in self defence. The suit was taken into custody by DICE after the fight, and was locked in a weapons vault and never again used.

The Anarchists were already working on an improved suit, however, and upon Caine's death his younger brother, Charlie, took up the Greywolf identity using the new suit.

Psychological Profile

Caine was a long-time criminal but not a cold-blooded killer like many of the Anarchists. It is believed that he never took a life during his career, although in his last action he was apparently trying to kill Scorpio.

Caine was strictly an opportunist, a petty thief who saw working with the Anarchists as lucrative rather than sharing any of their political ideals.

Skills and Abilities

Caine had no superhuman powers; all of his abilities came from the suit he wore. He was a competent brawler and reasonably athletic.


The Greywolf armour was completely resistant to small-arms fire.

The suit was equipped with steel claws which retracted into housings on the forearms. Greywolf could use these to stab or cut while punching, though generally Caine used them to threaten and hold off opponents and rarely (until his last fights with Strikeforce) used them in actual combat.

The suit's legs included compressed-air pistons that allowed it to leap up to eight metres vertically from a standing start. When combined with claws able to dig into brick or concrete, and Caine's own experience as a cat-burglar, Greywolf was able to very quickly scale vertical walls.