Powl the Samurai

  1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities
  6. Weapons

Biographical Details

Full Name
Genchi Powl
3 March 1974; Samoa.
None named.
Criminal mob boss.
None named.


A large, overweight, Asian man. Powl adopts traditional formal Japanese dress as part of his assumed persona. His black hair is long and fastened into a knot on top of his head.

Height: 5'10" (178cm); Weight: 254lbs (115kg).


Genchi Powl was born in Samoa but his family moved to America while he was still a baby. Growing up in Los Angeles, Powl was bullied at school and soon learned to stand up for himself, taking karate lessons to slow him to fight back, and soon becoming one of the bullies himself. Expelled from school as a teenager for wounding a fellow student with a knife, and barely avoiding a prison sentence, he ran away from home and soon fell in with a criminal gang. It is about this time that he began styling himself "Powl the Samurai" and claiming noble Japanese ancestry. To complete the conceit, he obtained a Japanese katana and taught himself to use it, killing at least one man with it.

When the mob he ran with was subsumed into Sylvia Roth's organisation in 1998, Powl decided a samurai could not be subservient to a woman and made an attempt to wrest control of the organisation. A short but vicious gang war followed, which Powl ultimately lost. With a few loyal men, he left the city and moved his base of operations to Chicago in early 1999. At that time, Chicago was the scene of constant inter-gang warfare. Powl began a long-term, strategic campaign of either bringing gangs under his control or eliminating them completely. Within two years, he was the unquestioned leader of Chicago's underworld.

In 2014, Powl was involved in a fight with Jerome Sanders, in which he was seriously wounded. He was arrested and hospitalised, but he once again avoided prison and on recovering from his wounds he went back to heading his organisation.

Psychological Profile

Powl is ruthless and remorseless, capable of killing in cold blood with little provocation.

He craves only respect, and will go to any lengths to obtain it. He has a shrewd and cunning criminal mind, and for this he is respected, as well as feared, by the men beneath him.

He has been playing a role for so long that he has come to believe his own hype and does indeed think of himself as a noble Japanese warrior, or at least his personal conception of what such a warrior should be. It was this that led to his defeat by Jerome, as he was convinced of his ability to defeat the upstart "gaijin" (non-Japanese) in single combat, rather than order his men to gun him down.

Skills and Abilities

Powl is a fair martial artist and a competent sword fighter. His bulk gives him surprising strength, and many opponents have found to their cost that he is much faster and lighter on his feet than he looks.


Powl carries a pair of matching Japanese katana. These are genuine antique weapons, and very valuable as well as functionally deadly.