1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities
  6. Limitations

Biographical Details

Full Name
Jerome Sanders
3 February 1663; Kent, England.
Paul Smithsteen, descendant. Elizabeth, wife (deceased).
Former sea captain.
Don Newman, Fred, James, Sara, and Chi-Yun.


A slim, athletic man in his 30s.

Height: 5'11" (180cm); Weight: 180lbs (82kg) (while in Paul Smithsteen's body; he originally may have been a smaller man).


Jerome Sanders grew up in England in the reign of King Charles II. His father was a landowner of modest means and was able to provide Jerome with a good education. Jerome was fascinated with the sea, and the ships being built at the nearby naval yards, and when his father hoped he would study at university and better himself he instead found work on a ship of the East India Company and spent the next several years at sea. In 1693, while only 30, he was made a captain and given his own ship as a result of his hard work and skill. Over the next two years he made sufficient profit to buy a house in England, where he settled for a time and married Elizabeth in 1696.

He had not been settled long, however, before the sea lured him back. This time he took his ship on a trading mission to the island of Japan, which he reached in 1698. A storm off the coast of his destination wrecked his ship, however, and Jerome barely made it to shore alive. He was found and cared for by Miyamoto, the ruler of the province he had landed in. He believed he was the only survivor of the wreck, until by chance he encountered Allday, one of his mates who had also survived. Allday was in the employ of a rival warlord, and was on a mission to kill Miyamoto. Jerome saved Miyamoto's life, killing Allday in the process. From that day on, the relationship between Miyamoto and Jerome changed to one of firm friendship, with Miyamoto teaching Jerome Japanese fighting skills.

After some years, Jerome took his leave of Japan and made his way back to England on another European ship. He reunited with Elizabeth, who had waited faithfully for him.

Nothing is known of Jerome's later life, as Jerome himself has no memory of it. He and Elizabeth must have had a child at some point.

In 2014, a psychiatrist called Paul Smithsteen developed a technique of self-hypnotic regression which allowed him to adopt the personalities of certain of his ancestors (or, from another point of view, allowed his ancestors to take over his body for a period). The first ancestor he "contacted" was Jerome. Since that time, Paul has intermittently allowed Jerome to take over his body, and Jerome's skills have been vital in keeping Paul alive in many dangerous situations.

Psychological Profile

In the 21st century, Jerome's personality shows significant differences from Paul's. The most obvious difference is that Jerome speaks with an archaic, British accent and seems unfamiliar with modern slang and idioms.

Jerome is polite and considerate of others, loyal, and fiercely protective of his friends. He is even-tempered and calm in a crisis.

Before his time in Japan, it appears that Jerome was much more impulsive, rough, and uncouth.

Skills and Abilities

Jerome shows considerable unarmed combat skill and is trained in Japanese martial arts including jiu-jitsu and swordsmanship. He is presumably familiar with firearms (of the 17th century) but shows no inclination to use them.

He is an excellent tracker and at home in the outdoors. He is an expert sailor (of sailing ships) and skilled in associated tasks such as navigation and reading sea charts.

He speaks multiple languages including Dutch, Portuguese, and Japanese, as well as his native English.

Jerome is able to switch to another of Paul Smithsteen's personalities at will. It appears that he is aware of the other personalities' skills and abilities, as he switches to the most appropriate personality to deal with a situation he himself cannot handle. Switching personalities appears to take no time or effort.


Jerome is largely ignorant of the modern world, including much of the technology in it. Although he is intelligent and able to pick up new ideas quickly, he is lacking in basic skills that others would take for granted, such as driving a car, using a computer, and making a telephone call.