1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities
  6. Equipment

Biographical Details

Full Name
Nubia; unrevealed date (approximately 1482 BCE).
Offar (cousin).
Hunter and Warrior.


Height 6'1" (185cm). Weight 240lbs (109kg). Nubian; shaved head; brown eyes. Trim but extremely muscular build. Appears to be in his early 30s.


S'Peok was born in a small Nubian village on the Upper Nile. He was trained in the ways of a Nubian warrior and victorious in many battles even before he reached full adulthood. As an adult, he ranged far and wide on hunting trips, spending more time away from his village than he did in it. His village bordered the lands claimed by the Egyptians between the third and fourth cataracts, and as the Egyptians and Nubians were peaceful neighbours at that time, S'Peok spent considerable time among Egyptians and learned their language.

At some point in his early adulthood, he met Nekure, the administrator of the Egyptian border town of Hebenu, and ended up owing him a debt of honour (in circumstances that neither man has revealed). From that time, S'Peok came to Nekure's aid whenever he was called, though neither man considered S'Peok the servant in the relationship, and Nekure always treated the Nubian as a friend and equal.

In the 19th year of the reign of Pharaoh Tuthmosis III (1450 BCE), Nekure sent S'Peok to guard and guide an expedition to the temple of Nut at the fourth cataract.

Psychological Profile

S'Peok was a man of very few words, generally relying on a raised eyebrow or expression of disdain to communicate his disapproval with something (he never showed approval of anything except fighting). His main conversation consisted of terse sentences impassively explaining what Nubians do not do: "Nubians do not swim." "Nubians do not carry burdens." "Nubians do not enter tunnels like rats." It was never clear whether these were literal statements about the Nubian race, or simply a litany of things S'Peok personally did not like doing.

S'Peok was a fearless warrior and loyal and honourable ally.

Skills and Abilities

S'Peok was a warrior of great skill, considered one of the greatest among his people. He was also a skilled hunter and tracker, and a master of survival in the harsh conditions of his homeland.


S'Peok used a war spear in the style of his people. It stood as tall as a man and had a broad, flat bronze head with sharp edges so that the spear could be used to cut as well as stab. S'Peok never let his spear out of his sight, and rarely out of his grasp.