Timeline: 14,000 Years Ago

Key Events

The beginning of the Atlantean calendar (0 A.C.).

A philosophical schism arises in Atlantean thought. The sorcerer-scientists who rule the nation of Atlantis advocate using knowledge to live in harmony with nature and avoid damage to the planet. A small but rapidly-growing faction of dissidents argue that it is the duty of mankind to advance to godhood, seizing whatever they require to achieve this. This faction's technological experimentation spirals out of control and threatens to destroy the Atlantean civilization. Unable to match the magical skill of the sorcerer-scientists, the dissidents use genetic science to create living weapons in their fight for control. A long and costly civil war is fought, with victory finally going to the sorcerer-scientists. The dissidents are stripped of their powers and exiled, at first to the South American continent, then finally settling in the lands they called Lemuria.