History of the Heroes Universe

The Heroes Universe is immensely complex, spanning 25 billion years, parallel universes, and divergent timelines. This history can only touch on specific periods which are of particular interest and have been well documented.

The 24th Century

Everything began here. See: Strikeforce (story); 2350 timeline.

The Heroes Era: 2014

Twenty years after the end of the Heroic Age, a new generation of heroes arose. See: Heroes (story); 2014 timeline; Personal reports & journals; News headlines.

The Strikeforce Era: 1987–1993

The 20th century's "Heroic Age" had existed for around five years when Strikeforce appeared on the scene and (literally) changed history. See: Strikeforce (story); 1987 timeline; 1988 timeline.

America: 1983

Major Harry Eastwood begins building the core of his DICE command.

San Francisco: 1976

Strange goings-on in Chinatown have repercussions that will be felt years later.

England: 1969

Presaging the new age of super-heroes, psychic powers emerge to combat supernatural threats that have lain dormant for millennia.

The Cold War: 1962

The fight against the forces of evil plays out in the shadowy world of international espionage.

World War II

The first publicly-known super heroes emerge in time to become embroiled in the Second World War. See: Super heroes: historical overview.

America: 1936

A Hollywood studio sends a film crew to make a movie in recently-discovered ruins in the South American republic of San Lostos.

Europe: 1907

Members of the Diogenes Club fight to preserve the peace of Europe from Anarchist forces.

The Wild West: 1885

The saga of Sheriff Joe Thursday in the Utah Territory.

Exploring Africa: 1865

The story of the Brighter-Smythe expedition along the Blue Nile in search of the mythical Land of Punt.

Revolutionary War: 1777

Captain Price of His Majesty's Frigate Atlantis hunts Colonial privateers in the West Indies.

The Elizabethan Era

England, 1588. While the nation reacts anxiously to rumours of an armada from Spain, events closer to home point to a bigger crisis. See: Elizabethan story: historical overview.

The Byzantine Era

In A.D. 1096, amid the intrigues of palace life in the city of Constantinople, warring factions come close to changing the course of history. See: Byzantine story: historical overview.

The Roman Era

In the year A.D. 366, a chance discovery in the Empire's most northern province becomes an important link in the chain of history. See: Roman story: historical overview.

The Egyptian Era

1450 BCE in 18th Dynasty Egypt, two key events have important links to our story. See: The Valley of the Nile (story); Historical Overview.

The Atlantean Age

12,000 years ago, the events of the mythic age had repercussions throughout every era. See: The Last Days of Atlantis (story); Historical Overview.