The Antarctic Volcano


The Antarctic volcano is a 20th-century geological phenomenon found at the south magnetic pole.


In 1982, the Swan Research corporation obtained the United Nations' permission to construct a facility at the magnetic south pole, ostensibly for research purposes. In reality, Swan Research was a front for the entity known as the Warscout from Dimension W, and the facility was a front for a massive geothermal power station. Beneath a protective dome, a vertical shaft ran to a depth of several miles through the Earth's crust to tap a deep pocket of magma.

The Warscout's original purpose for the facility is uncertain, but in January of 1988 he used it to conduct experiments in boosting the captive Black Swan's gravitational control power. He was interrupted by Strikeforce, but had learned enough that he was willing to abandon and destroy the facility in an attempt to kill Strikeforce. The destruction of the facility allowed the deep magma to reach the surface in a volcanic outpouring.

The new volcano where none should have existed remained a scientific puzzle, as the world in general had no knowledge of the existence or activities of the Warscout.

There was no record of an Antarctic volcano in the 24th century, which was the first tangible evidence that Strikeforce had changed their own future history.