Though they were not the first group of super-human heroes operating on Earth in the late 20th century, Strikeforce were arguably the most important and had the biggest impact on history.


The original five Strikeforce members were officers of the Special Police in the mid-24th century. Their century was threatened by a time disturbance originating in the 20th century and the five police officers were selected to travel back to 1987 to investigate. After dealing with the extra-dimensional incursion and saving the future, they found themselves stranded in the 20th century.

Faced with permanent exile, they used their space station's computer system to create civilian identities for themselves. They chose homes in Los Angeles and used that city as their main base of operations for many years. Although they knew that they would have had less impact on the time stream by remaining in those civilian identities, they were unable to stand by and watch crime and injustice run rampant when they had the power to intervene. So they came out into the open and used their advanced powers and technology as a force for good. Operating under their Special Police code names, they soon gained a reputation as a powerful group of heroes. Early in their careers, they revealed that they were from a future century but this was generally disbelieved.

Though they were based in the United States, Strikeforce were truly international in nature. Their orbital headquarters and teleportation system allowed them to react to world-wide threats as no other group could. Sometimes they worked with the American government and sometimes against it.


Founding members:


Several people became closely connected with Strikeforce and privvy to their inner secrets, even residing at their headquarters, though they were never considered members:

Alternate Strikeforces

A group of time-travelling Special Police in an alternate universe also called themselves Strikeforce. These were known to the Strikeforce of our universe as "Gemini's Strikeforce" after their team leader, Gemini. Although the two groups met on more than one occasion, they were not affiliated in any way.