Señora Azul


The Señora Azul ("Blue Lady") was a small seagoing motor yacht owned by Jose Ramos used for various criminal activities.


The Señora Azul was constructed and registered in San Lostos, in 2010, and bought new by Jose Ramos, a citizen of San Lostos. It is thought that Ramos, an experienced sailor, was bankrolled by criminal interests, who later made use of the his services in running contraband up and down the west coast of North and South America.

In 2014, Ramos was involved in a plot to kidnap a baby, Gemma Webster, from Vancouver and take her out of Canada. The baby was discovered on board the Señora Azul and Ramos was subsequently arrested. The Señora Azul was impounded by the Candian authorities.


The Señora Azul is a small and unremarkable ocean-going motor cruiser with an enclosed bridge and two small cabins below decks.