Council of Science


In the 24th century, Earth is united under a single world government, and the governing body is called the council of science. Details of this Council are scarce, so this article can only be broadly informative and not an in-depth study.


The Council is charged with setting broad matters of policy in areas of government and education, as well as scientific research. It is not clear how far these powers extend. However, it would be wrong to assume that the Council is an oligarchy with unlimited power. There also Senators, who are elected by popular vote and act as a second branch of government to balance the appointed Council of Science.


The Council of Science consists, as the name would suggest, of senior scientists. Appointment to the Council is merit-based, with a certain level of qualification required to obtain a seat.

It is not certain how large the Council is, though it can be assumed that it is a very large body, given the scope of its mandate to govern an entire world of 12 billion people. There are ranks within the Council — for example, Professor Karl Zod is a "Senior Councillor".