Professor Karl Zod

  1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities

Biographical Details

Full Name
Karl Zod
31 October 2301.
Carl and Carla Zod in the 20th century may be his ancestors, but this is not confirmed.
Senior member of the Council of Science. Leader of the Institute for Temporal Studies.


Human male, grey haired.


Karl Zod was the leading expert in time travel in the 24th century, having invented the time viewer and then, later, an actual working method of time travel.

In 2350, Zod discovered a disruption in the timeline of the 20th century and proposed a mission to send a group of special police officers on a one-way mission back in time to correct the problem. Despite the attempt of a group of super-human criminals to steal his work, he managed to complete the first working time machine and the mission went ahead.

Psychological Profile

Zod was a robust, active scientist, tireless in the pursuit of his goals. He was very protective of his work, which is perhaps understandable given its nature. He was abrupt and dismissive with those he felt to be intellectually beneath him.

Zod evidently had a ruthless streak. He was responsible for sending five police officers on a one-way mission into the past, with a booby-trap that was supposed to kill them on completion of the mission. It must be assumed that Zod was not only aware of the order but was probably the man who proposed it, perhaps rationalising to himself that it was in service to the greater good.

Skills and Abilities

Zod was a physicist of genius-level intellect.