Dimension W


Dimension W is an alternate universe that exists in a different mathematical space to our own. "W" is the mathematical designation of this space.

Nothing is known of the nature of this dimension. Our only knowledge comes from the single lifeform from Dimension W that has travelled to our universe: the Warscout.

The key to transferring from Dimension W to our universe (and possibly vice-versa) appears to lie in the black hole Cygnus X-1. It appears that tachyon signals beamed at this black hole will carry messages between dimensions. This can only happen at moments when specific cosmic string alignments occur, however. One such alignment occurred on 4 November 1987 and the next will not occur until 2324.

Black Swan has stated that the act of opening a portal between our universe and Dimension W will tear apart our universe, but it is unclear whether this is true. The fact the the Warscout evidently traversed such a portal at some point in the past suggests that it is not entirely true.

Black Swan was born at the exact moment of the 2324 alignment and her powers may be tied to Dimension W in some way. At one point, the Warscout attempted to amplify Black Swan's power to breach the barrier between the universes, supporting the hypothesis that her powers are linked to it in some way.