Cygnus X-1


Cygnus X-1 is a galactic X-ray source in the constellation Cygnus, approximately 6,070 light years from the Sun. The source of the observed X-rays is a black hole of approximately 15 solar masses.

Two things make the object important to the history of Earth: first, the black hole is an inter-dimensional conduit to an alternate universe, designated Dimension W. Second, the oscillation of a dark matter filament known as a cosmic string periodically connects Cygnus X-1 with the Earth. This alignment is semi-regular and predictable, with a mean period of 337 years.


The black hole Cygnus-X1 was formed during the Alars-Squaxx war 2.45 billion years ago. The Alars had created a Doomsday Weapon capable of destroying entire star systems, and at some point during their war they unleashed it on a massive star in territory claimed by their enemies the Squaxx. The destruction of this star created the black hole Cygnus X-1.

There have been numerous cosmic string alignments between Earth and Cygnus X-1 over the past five million years, but only three are of any historical importance.

The first was in 1552, when the Warscout from Dimension W crossed into our universe and arrived on Earth.

The second occured in 1987, when the Warscout used advanced technology to attempt to communicate to his home dimension through the black hole. He was stopped by the intervention of Strikeforce.

The third was in 2324, at the moment of Diana Just's birth. Through unknown means, energy channeled through the cosmic string gifted her with control over certain aspects of matter and energy, abilities which she was to use as the super-hero Black Swan.

In an alternative timeline, the Warscout succeeded in communicating with his home during the 2324 alignment, leading to the invasion and subjugation of Earth by extra-dimensional forces.