Galactic Threats

This index lists all entities currently tracked by the Star Guard because they have been assessed as significant potential threats to the safety of the Emissariate of Bolusca. Status last updated Cycle 1601.024.

Captain Krai-Lar

An exile from his own people for showing mercy to inferior races, now wandering homeless and cursed to wear the soul-eating Cosmic Gauntlet. Not considered a threat except for those brief episodes when the diabolic intelligence of the Gauntlet overtakes his mind.

Current Status: Not currently tracked.

Coryos the Conqueror

Native of Dyra. Gained vast cosmic powers while exploring the edge of known space as a member of the Boluscan Border Scouts. Uses an indestructible axe which can cut anything. Committed multiple atrocities on multiple planets. Apprehended in Cy 1592.

Current Status: Incarcerated.


A twisted clone of Hyperman created by an evil scientist. Low intelligence but all the powers of Hyperman. Not inherently evil but often unwittingly serves evil causes.

Current Status: At large.


Native of Hith. Spy, assassin, minion of Coryos the Conqueror. Speed, agility, and bioelectric powers.

Current Status: Incarcerated.

Krai Four

Led by the maverick genius Kreed, this super-powered quartet are the Krai's greatest fighting team. The Krai peace treaty forbids them entering Emissariate space, but they always find a loophole via diplomatic missions or scientific exchanges.

Current Status: Not in Emissariate space.


Uncle of the current Meg of Bolusca, Meg-Ron was a genetic throwback to an earlier evolutionary branch of blue-skinned Boluscans, and therefore locked away in secret as it was felt that the people would not accept a blue-skin as Meg. He developed enhanced powers through unknown means and escaped from confinement, built an army, and led a bloody rebellion. Note that "Meg-Ron" is an adopted title, not his true name. It translates to "True Emperor".

Current Status: Placed into stasis and exiled into the void in Cy 1521. Precise location unknown.


General term to identify gangs of pirates believed to be harboured on Plunderers Planet. Always to be considered armed and dangerous.

Current Status: Several groups known to be at large.

Shape Master

Former leader of planet Daggle in their war against the Emissariate. Believes himself a freedom fighter; actually a dangerous terrorist. Shape changing powers.

Current Status: At large.

Squaax Dek

Ancient being with vast psionic powers. Motivations are unfathomable to rational beings; believes we are as ants to him. Extremely dangerous.

Current Status: At large.