Star Guard


The Star Guard has been the main peacekeeping and law-enforcement group in the Emissariate of Bolusca for over 300 Cycles (300 Earth years).


In the early days of the Emissariate of Bolusca, there were many forces opposed to the peaceful union of planets. One of those forces, a violent Boluscan nationalist group, staged an attack on a spaceship full of off-world diplomats. The attack was thwarted by three youths from different worlds, each with an extraordinary power. These saviours were hailed as heroes by the press, and the authorities soon saw the propaganda value of heroes of different worlds acting as figureheads for those newly-united worlds.

This was the start of the Star Guard, an organisation of super-powered individuals from many worlds, sworn to selflessly devote themselves to the protection of the Emissariate and all its people.

Far from being figureheads, the Star Guard proved themselves time and again as heroes, fighting internal criminals and external threats to peace. The organisation continued to grow in size and power, soon being considered as important to the safety of the Emissariate as the fleet itself.

The Star Guard has endured as long as the Emissariate has, and is known to be still in existence in the 24th century.


Members known in the 20th century:

Members known in the 24th century: