Poseidon was a deity worshipped in Atlantis approximately 12,000 years ago. As god of the oceans, he was the main patron deity of the seafaring Atlanteans, and specifically associated with the coastal city of Poseidonopolis.


The Atlantean gods were myths created by the priesthood of Atlantis as way of keeping superstitious citizens in check, and as a way of guarding the secrets of magic. The priests claimed that all magic flowed from the gods and could only be used by devout priests. Both of these facts were untrue. However, the myth persisted for so long that eventually even the priests forgot it was a myth and believed their own stories.

The magical powers wielded by priests of Poseidon included control of the ocean winds and waves, and control over the natural and supernatural creatures of the sea.

Notable Worshippers

Notable Temples


As with many Atlantean ideas, the worship of Poseidon spread throughout the primitive world, and Poseidon became a principle deity in ancient Greece, and cropped up under many other names in other ancient civilizations, persisting as a cultural memory long after Atlantis itself was forgotten.

In modern times, several entities exist who claimed to be ancient gods, however it is certain that these were not the actual gods of ancient Atlantis.