1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities
  6. Equipment

Biographical Details

Full Name
Poseidonopolis, Atlantis.
Orson, father (a ship builder in Poseidonopolis, son of a ferryman); Anette, mother (a housewife from a fisherfolk family); Orsonson, eldest brother; Brooke, brother; Reeva, sister; Finn, brother; Walter, uncle (a ferryman); Agea, great great uncle (an engineer who built the Kingsmount city cisterns).
Priest of Poseidon.
Quart (priest of Poseidon in Kingsmount); Yard (high priest of Poseidonopolis); other associates in Poseidonopolis including Rod (an acolyte of the temple), Hull (a shipyard owner), Eemoo (a council official), Bob (a priest of the temple), and Derrick (an important merchant); Amber, Fourth and Falderstaff.


Height: 5'9" (175cm); Weight: 143lbs (65kg); dark brown hair; blueish-grey eyes; left handed.

Wears a white, draping, fluted robe (for his priestly duties), or good quality travelling clothes.


Anenomes was the youngest son of a shipbuiler in Poseidonopolis. There were enough older siblings to carry on his father's business, and a vacancy in the city's priesthood allowed him to increase his status by becoming an acolyte.

Not long after being ordained as a full priest, he was forced to flee the city due to the advance of the Demon Queen's army.

Psychological Profile

Anenomes genuinely believes in and worships the Atlantean gods, but mainly became a priest to enjoy the benefits of high status, ease and security of life, and opportunity to learn magic spells. He realises the politics of how religion and society work together to their benefit.

Anenomes is generally a nice person who would want to help the general populace, whilst furthering the aims of Poseidon, Poseidonopolis, his family, and the advancement of his knowledge of magic.

He has an easygoing and open demeanour.

Skills and Abilities

As a Priest of Poseidon, Anenomes has been taught a wide range of water-based magic spells and talents, such as talking to sea birds, creating winds and waves, and predicting the weather.

He is fully versed in the duties of a priest of Poseidon, and has a comprehensive knowledge of the gods and religious texts of Atlantis. As a priest, he is literate and can read and write Atlantean.

He has a good knowledge of the seas and coasts of west Atlantis.

As priests are often called upon to use their magic to support the militia in defending their cities, they are also trained in the use of weapons. Anenomes favours the use of scimitar and, where necessary, dagger.


As a refugee, Anenomes left with very few possessions. He has his priestly robes, travelling clothes, leather armour, a scimitar and a dagger, and very little else. His scimitar and dagger are both cast in bronze, and therefore inferior to Atlantean steel weapons, as a priest cannot use magic while in contact with iron or its derivatives.