Special Operations Division


The Special Operations Division is a branch of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police specialising in undercover police work.


The Special Operations Division was formed in 1990 in Toronto, Canada. The initial remit of the organisation was to specialise in operations involving super-human criminals.

Following the Event that removed super powers from the world, there was clearly no need for the specialised division, however the pool of exceptional policing talent which had been gathered under its umbrella was repurposed into a group with the wider remit of investigating organised crime.

The nature of the Division's work was such that it rarely attracted public notice. One particular high-profile case involved the kidnapping of baby Gemma Webster in 2014, however details of the division's part in the investigation were still shrouded in mystery.


The personnel of the Special Operations Division were distributed among the regional divisions of the RCMP and integrated with the regular forces of those divisions, though they still maintained a group coherence and close co-operation among their dispersed groups.

Known Operatives

These are the known members of the Special Operations Division: