Aberdeen Angus

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  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities

Biographical Details

Full Name
Angus McAllan
Aberdeen, Scotland; 9 June 1955.
Not recorded.
None recorded.
Thief, extortionist.
Occasional partner of Big Mac, Meteor Man, and other super villains.


1992: Height: 188cm (6'2"); Weight: 118kg (260lbs).

2014: Height: 180cm (5'11"); Weight: 77kg (170lbs).

In his prime McAllan was a huge, muscular man. He wore his red hair long and loose and often wore traditional highland dress to enhance his fearsome appearance, wielding a steel girder as though it were a claymore. He speaks with a thick Scottish accent.

After the event McAllan lost a great deal of his muscle mass, and by 2014 his hair was completely grey and cut short.


Angus McAllan trained as an engineer in his native city of Aberdeen and served an apprenticeship on off-shore oil rigs before emigrating to Canada in 1980. He found work in the uranium mines of the North West Territories, learning the demolitions trade. He eventually became a Canadian citizen.

In 1985, McAllan was approached by representatives of a rival mining corporation and offered large sums of money to sabotage his employer's mining operation. He accepted the money and engineered a string of small accidents.

One such "accident" involved a shipment of unusual radioactive ore which was being transported to Vancouver for analysis. McAllan broke into the transport aircraft as it sat on the runway. He intended to set an explosive charge to destroy the aircraft. Unfortunately, he mis-set the timer and the charge detonated before he could leave the aircraft. He was badly hurt and covered in radioactive material. When his body was discovered, he was rushed to the mine hospital. No-one suspected that he was responsible for the explosion.

Unknown to anyone, the radioactive material had mutated McAllan. His strength and resilience began increasing exponentially.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to solve the mysterious spate of accidents, the mine supervisor had called in a favour from an old friend. For several days, the British super-hero Golden Eagle had been undercover in the mine, investigating the accidents. He deduced that McAllan was involved and confronted him in hospital. McAllan surprised everyone by making a miraculously sudden recovery and attacking Golden Eagle. He came close to defeating Golden Eagle but was eventually subdued and turned over to the RCMP.

McAllan never reached prison. With his strength still increasing, he broke out of the prison van and fled into the wilderness. He spent several days on the run, committing minor robberies. He was eventually tracked down and stopped by Golden Eagle's team-mate, the hero Tiger Fist.

McAllan served a three-year prison sentence and was released on parole. He immediately began a lengthy crime spree throughout the major Canadian cities, always remaining one step ahead of the authorities. Many of his crimes were committed with other superhuman partners, notably Meteor Man and Big Mac.

His lucky streak broke in 1990 when he formed a team to rob a bank in Toronto. The city was the home base of the newly-formed super-hero team calling themselves the Superiors. They stopped the robbery and McAllan was incarcerated.

In 1991, McAllan was freed from prison by the Syndicate, who employed him to carry out a high-profile extortion job in Chicago. Their plan to blow up the Sears Tower was foiled by Knight Owl and the Green Knight. McAllan was imprisoned in the United States. Two years later, the Event which stripped the world of paranormal phenomena caused considerable chaos in the super-villain restraining centres of the world. McAllan was able to escape during the confusion.

Stripped of his superhuman strength, McAllan returned to committing small-time robberies throughout the northern United States and Canada. He was finally cornered by RCMP officer John "Rocky" LaRoque in Vancouver in 1996. He was imprisoned once again.

In early 2014, McAllan was diagnosed as having an inoperable cancer. This fact influenced his parole board and he was released from prison in September 2014.

Despite his claims that he was a reformed character, his first free act was to attempt a trade-mark jewellery store robbery in Calgary, Canada. He was stopped by James, Chi-Yun, Fred, Jesse and Sara and once more incarcerated.

Psychological Profile

McAllan was motivated by pure greed. He planned crimes which would bring him the highest return for the minimum risk. He was unafraid of combat but did not actively seek it out.

McAllan's crimes tended to involve large amounts of violence and property destruction. He always, however, stopped short of indiscriminate killing.

His crimes were meticulously planned. He created complex diversions, normally involving the use of explosives, and carried out his crimes with uncannily precise timing.

Skills and Abilities

McAllan's peak superhuman strength allowed him to lift a weight of almost 20 tons. His stamina and resistance to injury was vastly greater than an average human. His skin was incredibly tough, enough to resist penetration by heavy-calibre bullets.

McAllan often carried a six-foot solid steel girder which he wielded skilfully as a fearsome weapon in combat.

After losing his powers, McAllan kept himself in good condition and had a strength and general fitness level greater than most men of his age and build.

He was an expert in the use of demolitions. His skills included the construction, timing, and placement of explosive devices. He made a study of security systems and used that knowledge to place charges for maximum effect.

He was an experienced brawler, with no formal training but a long history of street fighting. Even without his superhuman abilities he was a dangerous opponent.