Portraits of Fred

Portraits of Fred by Tali Ritz


  1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities

Biographical Details

Full Name
Fred Berkov
7 May 1994
Parents, deceased. Other relatives mentioned but not named.
Student at University of California, Los Angeles.
Don Newman, Sara, James, Jerome, Paul and Chi-Yun.


Young, good-looking. It has been noted that he bears some similarity to the actor James Dean. Usually dresses casually (jeans and t-shirt). Always wears a black leather jacket. Smokes cigarettes, which he lights with a zippo.

Hair: short, dark. Eyes: dark.


Fred was born in the United States in 1994. His parents were wealthy, though little else is recorded about them. They died in a house fire when Fred was eight years old. Fred's psychic powers had begun to manifest and he had forseen the fire, though when he told people the house would burn down he was naturally disbelieved. After the fire there was some suspicion that Fred may have caused it, as this was an obvious explanation for how he "knew" it was going to happen. Partly because of this, Fred spent much of his childhood in counselling.

Fred spent the next ten years staying with various distant relatives, none of whom wanted the child but wanted access to his considerable inheritance, bound into a trust fund. When he turned 18 and gained access to his own trust fund, he cut all ties with his relatives and enrolled in university, majoring in media studies.

In September of 2014, Fred was hunted by the K-Men in Los Angeles. He was rescued by Sara Roth and teamed up with Sara, Chi-Yun, James, and Paul Smithsteen. Fred was initially implicated in murders carried out by the K-Men, but was cleared thanks to Don's influence with the investigating officer.

The group later travelled to San Francisco, where Fred first became involved with the Temple of Unity.

Psychological Profile

Fred is cynical and dismissive of fools. He acts the disinterested loner but still stands by his companions when he is needed.

Likes: Smoking, partying, motorcycles, troll rock, blondes.

Dislikes: Authority figures, early mornings.

Skills and Abilities

Fred possesses psychic powers. Their full extent is unknown but they include telepathy (reading others' thoughts), the ability to project a realistic visual illusion into another person's mind, and a limited ability to forsee the future. He can project a sensation of pain directly into a target's brain, temporarily incapacitating them.

These powers require considerable effort, and when Fred pushes them too far he experiences headaches and nosebleeds.

Fred is a keen motorcycle enthusiast and is skilled at both riding and maintenance.