Portrait of Sara

Portraits of Sara by Tali Ritz


  1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities

Biographical Details

Full Name
Sara Roth
16 August 1995
Sylvia Roth (mother).
Don Newman, Fred, James, Jerome, Paul, Harry Jesse, and Chi-Yun.


Nineteen years old, attractive, perfect face, perfect figure (in an athletic sense, not a top-heavy centrefold sense), masses of long wavy blonde hair often tied back in a braid for practicality.

Height: 5'6" (168cm); Weight: 130lbs (60kg). These figures are Harry's estimates and may be a little high; she was wearing heels, and he's thinking of how women were built in the 1940s.

Dresses casually but conservatively (jeans and shirt, for example) but favours flashy and impractical boots.


Sara was born in the United States in 1995. Her mother was wealthy, however their relationship was strained and Sara spent little of her childhood with her mother, living at private boarding schools for most of the year. Her childhood appears to have been a lonely one. Nothing is known of her father and she never speaks of him.

Sara first met Don Newman while travelling on a business trip (presumably illegal business of some description) with her mother in the summer of 2013. Sara says that this was when she first became aware that her mother was involved in criminal activities, though it seems likely that she had always been aware on some level and simply chosen to ignore the evidence.

Don later drove her across the continent to her school in New Hampshire and met her on several other occasions during her final year at school. It appears that during this time he suspected her power and already planned to ask for her help in his mission to locate and protect super-humans like herself. Following her graduation Sara spent some time in Paris and on her return she contacted Don and agreed to join his mission.

In September 2014, Sara worked with Don Newman to oppose the K-Men who were hunting super-human teenagers in Los Angeles. She encountered and helped to rescue Fred, Chi-Yun, and Paul Smithsteen, and was in turn helped by James.

Later, while hiding out in the forest, the group encountered Ranger Marc Carter and his son, and bounty hunter Mike Doyle.

The group later travelled to San Francisco, where Sara was captured by the Temple of Unity and later rescued by her friends.

While the group was resting at her mother's beach house outside Seattle, Sara was recognised by men working for the Seattle criminal boss Monsiur Jacques, and as a consequence she revealed her mother's "occupation" to her friends.

Psychological Profile

Likes: Shopping, swimming, Barry Manilow, early mornings.

Dislikes: Her mother.

Sara shows a certain naivety and cavalier attitude towards danger. She acts flippant and irreverant but that masks a steadfast bravery, determination and loyalty to her friends.

Sara hates the fact that her mother is a criminal, and avoids talking about it.

Skills and Abilities

Sara is lucky to a supernatural degree. This is not a conscious power, but rather something that appears to operate at all times in small and large ways to keep her safe from harm. Beyond just keeping her safe, however, the power also operates to ensure she always has whatever she needs at any particular time. She has said, flippantly, "I'm good at finding things," and has more specifically described the ability as follows:

"I'm always standing in the right place at the right time. Blindfold, I'll sink a basket every time. If there's an ace in the pack, that's where I'll cut it. If you lose your keys, I'll trip over them. If I need something, it just happens to turn up."

The implications of this power are immense and wide-reaching. For example, if she finds a building door unlocked, the power must have either worked on the mind of the person who normally locks the door to make him forget, or worked on his environment to ensure he was not able to lock the door on this occasion, or performed some equivalent action—and done it in the past, before Sara is even aware of the existance of the door, let alone conceived a need of opening it. It is quite possible that the power has unlimited reach across time and space.

The power does has some apparent limitations in how it will affect Sara's well-being—although arguably when it appears to fail it is simply working in more subtle, long-term ways towards a different beneficial goal. For example, at school she was unhappy and had few friends, and it might be expected that her luck should have prevented this. However, it might be argued that her luck was causing her loneliness in order to bring her closer to Don Newman. Similarly, her luck didn't stop her being physically overcome and captured by the Temple of Unity, though she was ultimately rescued by her friends, who learned some important information about the Temple in the process.

In addition to her luck power, Sara has good gymnastic abilities and martial arts skills (kickboxing). These abiltiies are certainly augmented by her luck—for example, in combat her oppoents are more likely to trip, be distracted, or for some other reason place their heads directly in the way of her blows, while finding that she is standing in the precise spot which makes it awkward for them to hit her.

She is a strong swimmer and physically extremely fit.