1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities
  6. Equipment

Biographical Details

Full Aliases
Amber (current alias); Starling (former alias); Valerie Canaris (given name).
2332 by the Atlantean calendar, in the village of Sweet Pasture, Atlantis.
Father: unknown. Mother: Hyacinth Canaris (deceased).
Former servant, thief, circus entertainer, street artist, spy and assassin.
Falderstaff, Fourth, Anenomes.


Female, age 18. Height 5'2" (157cm). Weight 110lbs (50kg). Blue eyes. Brunette hair (dyed blonde). Slender, athletic, very pretty "cute" features. Left handed.


Amber was an unintended consequence of a professional misjudgement in a house of ill repute. Her mother passed away at an early age, but Amber was retained to carry out domestic chores until a certain age, whereupon she was pressured for a "career change". Unwilling to submit, she took advantage of serendipitous circumstances to rob the takings and quite literally run away to join a travelling circus.

With her superior reflexes and co-ordination she was a natural for the trapeze and high wire, and when not in the spotlight the "High Flying Starling" deftly assisted her colleagues in fleecing carefully selected marks that attended the shows.

However, her curious nature and devious proclivities eventually led to the accidental discovery of the circus's true nature. Ultimately it was an elaborate front for a "family" of assassins. Her youthful inexperience led to her indiscretion being noted in turn. But in consideration of her potential she was generously offered a choice: join or die.

At first she took part in surveillance and assistance until assigned a target of a dashing but mysterious masked duellist that was apparently upsetting far too many apple carts in the otherwise comfortably corrupt and thriving inland trading hub of Shenshenath. The now-infamous "Knight Owl of Shenshenath" appeared engaged in an embarrassingly high-profile crusade to foil the town mayor's ambitions of cityhood.

Pretending to be a "victim" ultimately enabled Amber to discover the Knight Owl's secret identity, the Lady Swiftsure, glamorous daughter of the Sheriff of Shenshenath. When the crucial moment came to despatch the target, however, she couldn't do it. Instead she attempted to save the only source of true justice the town of Shenshenath possessed. In the messy situation that ensued her (professional) partner on that contract was killed. Starling promptly ran away from the circus to become the humble itinerant street artist, Amber.

Psychological Profile

A habitually cautious and observant nature feeds Amber’s innate paranoia.

Though capable of extreme ruthlessness, she is averse to direct confrontation.

If avoidance is impossible she favours indirect and occasionally over-elaborate methods of problem solving and/or conflict resolution.

She is much more demonstrative (or even confident) when masked, disguised or hidden.

Amber harbours contempt for most, though not all, men. This stems not just from being witness to the most mundane of their drives and/or desires, it also encompasses abuse of power at any level by those deciding the fates of anybody seen to be "weaker". Almost invariably the wielder of such power is a man.

Skills and Abilities

Amber is very fast with excellent reflexes and coordination and superior stamina.

She is skilled with rapier and proficient with off-hand main gauche. Inspired by the Knight Owl of Shenshenath she is learning the combat art of "fencing", rare in Atlantis, and favours a defensive counter-attacking style, bolstering avoidance with her acrobatic talents.

She is a crack shot with a heavy crossbow and occasionally uses poison to significant effect.

Amber is a multitalented entertainer capable of acrobatics, contortion, high wire and trapeze work, disguise, ventriloquism and mimicry, and a capable actress and courtesan, to a point.

She has the extensive stealth skills to enable her careers as a thief, spy and assassin. She possesses good instincts and considerable raw talent, complemented by her existing skill set, but she is still young, inexperienced and hampered by remaining scruples.


Amber fights with a rapier and main gauche. She wears a silk sash which functions as a garrotte. She changes her clothing as necessary to blend in to any situation, including dark clothing and a cloak for nocturnal activities, and in combat wears either leather or padded cloth armour.