Falderstaff Quagmire

  1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities
  6. Equipment

Biographical Details

Full Name
Falderstaff Quagmire.
2322 by the Atlantean calendar, in a small town in the north of Atlantis.
Eideth (mother, deceased); Loraine (older sister, deceased); Gerimire (older brother, deceased); George (father, deceased). Possibly related to Alan Quagmire of the Dark Continent (deceased).
No fixed occupation.
Mable the Weasel; Amber, Anenomes and Fourth.


Height 5'10" (177cm). Weight 210lbs (95kg). Brown hair, brown eyes. Stocky and muscular. Wears crudely-stitched furs and a rough leather jerkin.


Falderstaff was born into a family of impoverished gentry whose fortunes had slid due to excessive taxation. When Falderstaff was young, the family was evicted from their home and one by one died in squalor. Falderstaff, now a friendless orphan, went into the wilderness to live rough. He soon fell into roguish habits. He wandered the wilderness, entering villages at night to steal supplies.

When the threat of the Demon Queen swept Atlantis, he tagged along with a refugee convoy, heading towards the city of Kingsmount.

Psychological Profile

Falderstaff takes what he wants and looks after his own interests.

He has a dislike and distrust of authority, blaming his family's death on the harsh policies of the state.

Skills and Abilities

Falderstaff is experienced at living rough and taking care of himself. He an experienced hunter and trapper.

Falderstaff had an affinity with small animals, finding it easy to befriend and train them. He greatest success was training his weasel Mable, who is now his constant companion.

He is a fair fighter with a quarterstaff or a knife.


Falderstaff owns very little other than the stout, wooden quarterstaff he fights with.

He carries Mable everywhere in a small pouch that hangs at his belt.