The Dragon

  1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities
  6. Equipment

Biographical Details

Full Name
Has used many aliases; it is not known which (if any) is his real name.
China, 1955; exact date and location not known.
Career criminal and terrorist.
Member of the Anarchists; partner of Neutron.


Chinese male; Height 5'10" (178cm); Weight 175lbs (80kg); dark brown hair cut very short; brown eyes.


The man who would call himself the Dragon was born in a small Chinese village in the mid-20th century. While he was still a baby, the village was attacked by Chinese government soldiers, apparently as a reprisal for harbouring anti-Communist activists. The soldiers killed all but the baby boy, who was overlooked. Several days passed before the village was visited by a wandering monk of the Order of the Dragon. The monk found the boy and believed he was a part of an old prophesy held by the order. To fulfil the prophesy, the monk took the baby back to his hidden mountain retreat. The monks debated long over the boy before deciding he must be the one they had awaited for generations.

The boy was inducted into the Order and grew up with the monks. Their lifestyle was primitive and isolated, but he was well educated, within their limitations, and taught many of the Order's semi-mystical secrets, gaining abilities that were almost superhuman. As he entered his twentieth year he was given one of the Order's greatest treasures, a force-field belt of alien origin that was linked to the beginnings of their legends. With this, he was banished into the world, away from the retreat's security, and told he must find his own place in creation. He had never been told the prophecy that surrounded him. Consequently, he understood none of what the monks wanted and felt embittered at their driving him out.

The boy entered the world in 1975 and was quickly caught up in its wonders and came to understand that his abilities set him apart from other men. His thoughts turned towards a life of crime. It never crossed his mind that he could use his abilities as a force for good. Furthermore, he realised that the monks may threaten his superiority. With his festering resentment of them driving his paranoia, he returned to the hidden retreat with hirelings and slaughtered the entire order. It later transpired that five monks were away from the retreat and survived.

Back in the civilised world, and now calling himself the Dragon, he began acquiring wealth and reputation as a small-time hood in China and Hong Kong. Soon, he was regularly visiting Europe and America as a drug smuggler. He operated in this fashion, mostly outside the public eye, for several years. In the early 1980s, he clashed once with the British hero Golden Eagle and twice with Black Pearl in the Pacific, in the days before she joined the Defense League of America.

In 1982 he was approached by agents of the Anarchists, who suggested that he joined their nascent organisation. He agreed, finding that their goals had much in common. The Dragon continued to work with the Anarchists, usually in minor roles but occasionally with their cadre of super humans. In this way he encountered several more costumed adventurers, including the DLA, Manhunter and Strikeforce. He was jailed on several occasions in several countries, but always was bailed out or rescued by his Anarchist confederates. During this time, he met and formed a close partnership with Neutron. The Dragon's talent for planning and organisation, coupled with Neutron's power, ensured that they gained considerable influence within the Anarchists.

In early 1988, he became involved with Strikeforce on several occasions. At one point, he masterminded a plot to capture them and gain access to their advanced technology. He was defeated and imprisoned and his force field belt was taken by Strikeforce. After Strikeforce and DICE struck a telling blow against the Anarchists at the battle of the Hill, the Dragon along with Neutron and several henchmen broke away from the organisation. They formed a new group based in the western United States and named it the West Coast Crime Cartel. This lead to several more conflicts with Strikeforce.

Psychological Profile

The Dragon is a total nihilist. Amoral and evil in the truest sense, he has no redeeming qualities. His life is dedicated to amassing money and power for himself, as well as promoting worldwide anarchy for anarchy's own sake.

The Dragon will always look out for himself, and use and discard other people as required. His only close relationship is with Neutron, and the two share a close bond of friendship and loyalty.

The Dragon lacks the required mental discipline of a great martial artist. He is quick to anger and slow to forget. He is a good strategist and an intelligent planner, thus making him a key figure in the Anarchists but he falls down when his ego leads him into unwinnable fights. He typically taunts opponents with his superiority in a fight, and is always surprised when he then loses.

Skills and Abilities

The Dragon is an expert in various oriental martial arts and has also mastered Western-style boxing techniques, and is a master gymnast with almost superhuman agility.

Due to the semi-mystical techniques taught by the Order of the Dragon, he has two other unusual abilities. First, his skin and muscle tone are developed to a degree that allows him to withstand physical punishment much greater than a normal man could survive and he has very effective mental barriers against pain. He also possesses remarkable breathing control, and can operate at full efficiency in conditions of extremely low oxygen, such as high altitudes, and can hold his breath underwater (or in a gas-filled room) for several minutes of strenuous activity.


Earlier in his career, he used a force field belt of alien origin. This made him invulnerable to any normal attack in hand-to-hand combat, and was bullet-resistant to a degree. He lost this belt when he was first captured by Strikeforce and never regained it.