Institute for Temporal Studies


The Institute for Temporal Studies is a part of the University of North America in the 24th century. It is housed in the Conner Building of the main University campus. The building is not large, two storeys high and covering no more than a hectare (10,000 square metres) of ground.

The purpose of the Institute is ostensibly the study of history, but a closer examination would reveal that the staff consists almost entirely of cutting-edge physicists. In fact, the Institute's main research is into the mechanics of time travel.


By 2350, the Institute had made two major breakthroughs. The first was the Time Viewer, a device which captured still images from past times, apparently from anywhere on Earth. The second was the invention of time travel itself, first used to send the team which would becomes known as Strikeforce four centuries into the past.

Both of these breakthroughs came from one man: Professor Karl Zod.


The exact organisation of the Institute is unclear. Karl Zod appears to be the main decision maker as well as chief scientist, a fitting position for a senior member of the Council of Science.