1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities
  6. Equipment

Biographical Details

Full Name
Louis Collins
30 November 1958; Los Angeles.
None known.
Former California Highway Patrol officer, former Agent of DICE, now garage proprietor and mechanic.
Close friend of Don, Huey, and Dewey of the DICE Flying Squad.


Height 5'10" (180cm); Weight 212lbs (96kg). Straight black hair longer than "regulation". (In 2014: hair is greying and long enough to tie into a pony tail; thick black-grey beard.) Tattoos on arms.

Commonly wears leather and denim (regulation DICE jumpsuit when on duty).


Louis Collins had a love of engines, and particularly motorcycles, from a young age. On graduating high school, his career prospects were uncertain, until one day he witnessed the California Highway patrol in a high-speed chase and decided that was the kind of job he wanted.

Though his service record was exemplary, the strict discipline of the CHP didn't suit Collins and he clashed with superior officers and was passed over for promotion several times. Despite this, he remained with the Patrol for 10 years.

In early 1987, Collins was involved in action against the Anarchist organisation, where he found himself working with agents of the Department of Intelligence and Counter Espionage, and Don Newman in particular. Don was impressed with Collins' skills and recommended to Major Eastwood that he be approached to join DICE. Collins was eventually persuaded, and went on to become one of Eastwood's top agents, code-named "Luey". Along with Don, Huey, and Dewey, he formed an elite team jokingly called the "Flying Squad" by other agents. In 1989, when DICE acquired Skycycles and began to use them in operations, the Flying Squad designation become official.

When budget cuts led to DICE being drastically reduced in size in the early 1990s, Collins took his severance pay and used it to buy a failing garage business on the highway mid-way between Los Angeles and Bakersfield. Renaming the garage Luey's Place, he never made it a massive success but was content to run the modest business and spend his days doing what he loved, riding motorcycles and tinkering with engines.

Psychological Profile

Luey is naturally easy-going and friendly. He has a strong motivation to help people.

He has a cavalier attitude to regulations, which may explain why he was regularly passed over for promotion with both the CHP and DICE — though it must be noted that he had no aspiration to leadership roles and was happiest as a follower, doing the job he knew he was good at.

Skills and Abilities

Luey has years of experience in both police and espionage work and was one of the most highly trained and competent agents in the DICE organisation. He is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and skilled in all classes of firearms.

Luey's is an expert mechanic and highly skilled driver of all classes of vehicle.

He is a fluent Spanish speaker.


As a member of DICE Luey used almost every conceivable item of combat and espionage equipment ever produced on (or off) Earth.

His typical equipment was a DICE-issue jumpsuit of bullet-resistant cloth and plasma energy sidearm. As a member of the DICE Flying Squad he flew a Skycycle.