Photograph of Don

Photograph of Don (credit unknown)


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Biographical Details

Full Name
Don Newman
23 December 1959; Harrison County, Iowa.
None living.
Former DEA agent, former agent of DICE, former freelance security consultant, former employee of FINI, currently no official employment.
Ally of Strikeforce. Close friend of Major Eastwood and Huey, Luey, and Dewey of DICE. Currently works closely with Spirit.


Height 5'11" (180cm); Weight 200lbs (91kg); Brown hair and eyes.

Don has handsome, clean-cut "movie idol" looks. In 2014 he is in his 50s but is still fit and "well preserved", with only a small amount of grey in his short brown hair.

In the 1980s he wears a standard-issue DICE uniform. In 2014 he wears casual clothes with a brown leather jacket with his pilot's wings pinned to it, and aviator-style sunglasses.


Don Newman grew up in a rural part of Iowa, the son of a shopkeeper. He learned to fly in his uncle's crop-dusting biplane, taking his first solo flight at the age of 14. That same flight resulted in his first crash and the destruction of both the aircraft and his father's general store. The escapade earned him a "grounding", which he largely ignored.

At the age of 18 he was accepted at the University of South California, where his father intended him to "make something of himself". Don was an unenthusiastic student. Most of his study time was spent on the football field and most of his tuition money went on flying lessons. He gained his license just as the last of his money gave out. Dropping out midway through his sophomore year, Don decided he should get a regular job.

His first job was waiting tables in a Hollywood restaurant, along with several would-be movie stars. Don had no interest in films, but after overhearing a conversation between two movie producers who needed a barnstorming stunt pilot he found himself with a contract from a major studio. For two years he flew all manner of aircraft in a number of blockbusters before his next big career change came looking for him.

It was 1981 when recruiters from the Drug Enforcement Agency approached him. He was given the necessary training and found himself in full-time employment as a DEA pilot. Initially he flew a number of clandestine missions, shuttling agents into Mexico and Central America.

In 1983, flying an unarmed DC3 into the Peoples' Republic of San Lostos, he was attacked by two MiG-21 fighters of the San Lostos Air Force. Both MiGs were destroyed in the resulting dogfight, and Don still managed to get his passenger to his drop zone on schedule. Flying his severely damaged aircraft home, he was forced to land in hostile territory when the last of his fuel leaked from a punctured tank. Alone, he survived a hundred-mile jungle trek. He arrived at the American embassy in Ecuador on a "borrowed" San Lostos police motorcycle, and asked for a ride home.

This escapade earned him a legendary status among his colleagues. He was recommended for field agent status and was given special training. The DEA were soon to lose their ace pilot, however, when Major Harry Eastwood came recruiting for the West Coast branch of the Department of Intelligence and Counter-Espionage. Eastwood had been given carte blanche to recruit from any government agency. Don's reputation had spread and he was near the top of Eastwood's list. Don accepted Eastwood's offer and joined DICE in November 1984.

Don was Eastwood's most trusted and capable agent, and his de facto second in command, though he refused an official promotion to recognise this as he did not want to lose his field work opportunities to become a pen-pusher. This unofficial command rank was challenged when Edward Mallard was assigned to Eastwood's command as executive staff officer. Don had severe problems with Ed's management style, leading to several clashes. Don gained a number of official reprimands but had the support and respect of his fellow agents and, unofficially, the backing of Eastwood.

When Strikeforce took up residency in Los Angeles, Don worked with them on several missions. On one occasion, Major Democracy saved Don's life and the two became good friends. Don would occasionally become involved in Strikeforce missions and is the only non-Strikeforce-member to have piloted the Strikeforce shuttle.

Don's adventures with DICE are too numerous to list. He operated mainly in the United States, though missions often took him into Central and South America. He also visited Europe and the Far East on a number of occasions. He trained with NASA astronauts and completed two successful space missions. He also flew a number of extra-terrestrial vehicles, possibly more than any other 20th-century Earthman has. His most spectacular cases involved the Anarchists, Black Zero, the Eastern Skull, and a number of super-powered menaces. He was prominently involved in the Krai invasion.

When DICE acquired the blueprints for high-tech Skycycles, Don trained with reformed criminal Ed Nelson and was instrumental in forming the legendary Flying Squad with Nelson and agents Huey, Luey and Dewey (Nelson later left the program to join the DICE Super Squad, which Don also worked closely with).

When DICE was phased out in the early 1990s, Don began a career in freelance security work, including a brief period with Eastwood in the FINI organisation. As the 90s wore on, he took fewer and fewer contracts. He took part in Fennec's last mission against Black Zero in 1999 and retired from "the business" immediately thereafter. He sank his savings into a chartered aircraft company and concentrated on flying as much as possible for the next few years.

Don maintained his old contacts, however, and soon found that it is very difficult to ever leave the secret agent business. He was contacted by Spirit in 2012 and agreed to help her keep tabs on a number of emerging superhumans. His part in her schemes escalated when he found himself rescuing Sara Roth from a group of K-Men. He soon found himself catapulted into the role of mentor to a group of young superhumans, a role for which he was found to be ideally suited yet which he found distinctly uncomfortable. Don's adventures are far from over.

Psychological Profile

Don has a strong sense of loyalty, honour and decency. He takes responsibility seriously and will not back away from a challenge. He applies himself 100% to any task.

Don is a natural leader, though he does not see himself as one and has never sought a leadership role. He inspired respect and loyalty from his subordinates by never asking anything which he was not also prepared to do himself. He expected no less from his own superiors and had trouble taking orders from anyone who had not earned his respect.

Don is happiest when flying, or driving alone on an empty highway.

For some reason nobody can understand, Don has a fondness for the music of Barry Manilow.

Skills and Abilities

Don has years of experience in espionage work and is highly trained in more skills than can be listed here. He is a fine athlete and an expert in unarmed combat. He is proficient with all firearms and many esoteric weapons and devices, and has a shrewd tactical mind. He is trained in wilderness survival.

He is an expert pilot and has thousands of hours' flying experience, including combat experience. He has flown many types of aircraft and helicopter, including experimental aircraft, spacecraft, and craft of extra-terrestrial origin. He is also an expert driver.

Don speaks fluent Spanish and Russian, though not sufficiently well to pass for a native. He speaks passable Chinese and has a smattering of other languages.


As an agent of DICE Don used almost every conceivable item of combat and espionage equipment ever produced on (or off) Earth.

His typical equipment was a DICE-issue jumpsuit of bullet-resistant (Resistweave) cloth and a plasma energy sidearm. As a member of the DICE Flying Squad he flew a Skycycle.

Currently Don uses no special equipment, relying on a conventional (though unusually large calibre) pistol and a heavily-modified recreational vehicle for transportation.