1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities
  6. Equipment

Biographical Details

Full Name
Elmer Baker
4 September 1962; Arlington, Virginia.
None known.
Former US Air Force officer, former Agent of DICE, now president of Forward Technologies.
Close friend of Don, Luey, and Dewey of DICE.


Height 6'1" (185cm); Weight 160lbs (73kg). Short black hair (in 2014: longer and normally worn in a pony tail; small goatee beard).


Elmer Baker showed an aptitude for electronics from a very early age, but his interests were all military and he dreamed of joining the air force. He combined his ambitions and his talents by taking an engineering degree and entering the service as a technical specialist. He attended officer training school and graduated top of his class.

Baker had an exemplary two-year air force career. He specialised in radar, radio, and cryptographic systems. He served on a number of U.S. bases and, briefly, in Germany. He was trained as a helicopter flight engineer but he never flew a combat mission.

Baker's air force career ended in 1986, when his sexual preferences were discovered. Despite his flawless record, military regulations called for an immediate discharge. It was at that point that DICE entered the picture.

Harry Eastwood was constantly on the look out for top-class men to join his command. When he became aware of Baker's case, he looked at his service record and decided that here was a man he needed. As DICE was an international organisation outside the U.S. military chain of command, Baker's homosexuality was not an obstacle to his joining, and Eastwood arranged that Baker would be transferred to DICE without a dishonourable discharge showing on his military record.

Baker didn't really know what he was getting himself into. He knew little of DICE and he had accepted the position simply because it offered him a chance to keep his service record clean. He soon found that life as a DICE agent was more challenging, and more rewarding, than anything he had experienced in the air force. He was initially assigned to non-combat duties that were similar to his air force assignments. His first taste of action came when an Anarchist group raided the DICE airfield outside Los Angeles. He was working on the avionics of a DICE aircraft when alarm klaxons sounded. Before he knew what was happening, Don Newman had entered the craft, ordered Baker to strap himself in, and took off to engage the attacking Anarchists. Don may have been aware that the craft was in for repairs and was mostly disassembled, but that kind of detail rarely bothered him. Baker literally rebuilt the craft's electronics in mid-battle. Miraculously, both Baker and Don survived the experience.

After this, Baker was given the code-name Huey and was given more field assignments. He often worked with Don and agents Luey and Dewey, the four of them forming an elite team within Eastwood's organisation. When DICE acquired blueprints for high-tech Skycycles, Huey assisted in their development and eventually flew one as part of the DICE Flying Squad.

DICE faced drastic down-sizing in the 90s, and Huey left in 1994. He used his severance pay to buy a sizable stake in a struggling small electronics company, Forward Technologies, based in Chicago. His money, his dynamic and revolutionary ideas, and his government contacts all provided the company with a much-needed boost. Profits grew steadily over the next ten years and in 2004 Huey bought out his co-owners to become sole owner and president of the company.

Huey maintained contact with both Don and Luey over the years, occasionally working with Luey on some of his "hobby" projects (such as designing an avionics software suite for the Skycycle Luey was attempting to build, and fitting military-grade electronics to Don's RV).

Psychological Profile

Baker is dedicated and hard working. He likes order and discipline in his life, and though he was able to adapt to the eclectic chaos that was West Coast DICE under Harry Eastwood, he was actually more comfortable under the more orderly regime of Edward Mallard.

He has a passion for electronics, mathematical problems, and computers.

Baker tends to be reserved and quiet in social settings. His ideal evening is spent in his study, listening to jazz and wrestling with an intriguing technical problem.

On field assignments for DICE he proved to be brave, trustworthy, and level-headed. His cautious attitude and his ability to calmly think through a problem, even during moments of total insanity, were responsible for saving more than one agent's life.

Later in life Baker became a strict vegetarian, primarily for health reasons.

He is not averse to partaking in recreational drugs, in moderation.

Skills and Abilities

Huey had years of experience in espionage work, specialising in electronic surveillance, security systems, and cryptography. He is a highly skilled electronic engineer and computer programmer.

He is trained in unarmed combat and is an expert marksman. These skills became rusty after two decades of civilian life, and though he remained fit and active he was no longer at the peak of his training and conditioning.

He is a qualified pilot, experienced in helicopters and a number of advanced DICE vehicles. In particular, he was a highly skilled Skycycle pilot.

He speaks good German and adequate Russian.


As a member of DICE Huey used almost every conceivable item of combat and espionage equipment ever produced on (or off) Earth.

His typical equipment was a DICE-issue jumpsuit of bullet-resistant cloth and plasma energy sidearm. As a member of the DICE Flying Squad he flew a Skycycle.