1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities
  6. Equipment

Biographical Details

Full Name
Nightflyer is his true name. His official designation was 7AX 9ER, which appears as a birthmark on his left forearm; he corrupted it to Steven Alexander to give himself an English name for use in a civilian identity.
The 26th century.
Former officer of the 24th century Special Police.
Member of Strikeforce.


Human male; slim, athletic build; brown hair. Wears a loose grey jumpsuit with multiple pockets and pouches for equipment.


Nightflyer is an in vitro gestated human (or replicant), the product of a 26th-century mega-corporation’s experimental project to develop an enhanced human for use as a soldier or spy. He was decanted from an artificial womb and skills and knowledge fed into his mind while his body was forced to mature to a physiological age of 16 in only two years. There followed months of physical and mental therapy until he was able to function normally, and years of testing his capabilities. His results far surpassed the expectations of his creators.

At some point during his testing, Nightflyer discovered that he was being trained as an assassin and covert operative, and despite the corporation’s attempt to condition him to be obedient, he rebelled and resolved to escape from them. When he discovered that the first faster-than-light space ship was being built in orbit, close to a space station regularly used in his space adaption testing, it seemed he had found his escape route. He managed to secretly acquire information which he believed would allow him to pilot the ship, and laid plans to allow him to take control of it.

Nightflyer successfully made his break and gained control of the ship, but the jump to trans-light speed went wrong and the ship was flung two centuries backwards in time.

The ship arrived, almost completely destroyed, on Earth in the year 2350. Nightflyer was found in the wreckage by Special Police investigators. Although his exact origins remained a mystery, he was classified as a 'normal' superhuman and found mentally and morally suited to be inducted into the Special Police. He volunteered for a special mission back through time with the group that would become known as Strikeforce.

The team arrived in 1987, but on completion of the mission found themselves stranded there.

Nightflyer continued to work with the team as they attempted to make new lives for themselves in their new century. He adopted a civilian identity under the name Steven Alexander and made his home in Los Angeles. To support himself financially, he took advantage of his intuitive ability to predict games of chance.

Psychological Profile

Nightflyer is brave, loyal to his friends, and consistently puts the needs of others above his own. He is a man of action, preferring to act rather than debate, and as such is often impatient with his team mates. He will typically be the first to rush into a dangerous situation, relying on his quick wits to adapt a plan as he goes along rather than take the time to plan in advance.

Skills and Abilities

Nightflyer was the result of a project to develop an artificial human, with genes tailored to produce artificial proteins which allowed his body to operate far beyond normal human parameters in a number of ways. This included enhancing the performance of his muscles and tendons, strengthening his bones, and hyper-oxygenating his blood with modified haemoglobin, allowing his body to operate at a greatly accelerated rate. His cells also contained additional organelles, similar to mitochondria, which were actually a distributed nanoscale medical support system which was able to rapidly repair damage to his body.

The combination of these modifications gave Nightflyer a speed, reaction time, agility, and endurance far beyond a normal human. He could run comfortably at speeds in excess of 70mph (112kph) and maintain that speed for several hours. He was capable of performing horizontal leaps of around 26 feet (8m) and jump 14 feet (4m) vertically from a standing start. His sense of balance and instinctive awareness of his surroundings allowed him to perform exceptional feats of gymnastic ability.

Nightflyer’s bones and tissues healed themselves at a vastly accelerated rate, allowing him to recover from minor injuries within minutes and even serious, life-threatening wounds in a matter of hours.

Nightflyer’s brain was hardwired to process sensory cues that he wasn’t consciously aware of, and to form abstract patterns of information into warnings of impending danger, which his hyper-efficient nervous system could cause his body to react to almost instantaneously. This ‘intuition’ allowed him to avoid attacks in combat, but also react to less obvious dangers such as concealed explosives or traps.

Nightflyer was trained in unarmed combat, which he employed in a style that took full advantage of his speed, agility, and intuitive danger sense, relying on fast, acrobatic movement to avoid and deliver attacks.

Since finding himself stranded on 20th-century Earth, Nightflyer has been training himself to pilot Strikeforce's space shuttle.


Nightflyer wears a standard issue 24th-century police communicator bracelet on his wrist.

In a belt pouch he carries a strong, thin, 65 feet (20m) carbon-fibre line with a collapsable grapple attached to the end. He can throw this grapple with uncanny accuracy, instinctively finding a place for it to attach, and use it to swing great distances.

Nightflyer typically carries a variety of other small tools in his uniform's pouches.