The Special Police


The Special Police Unit (SPU) is a 24th-century organisation of law enforcement officers.


By the early 24th century, Earth was a mostly peaceful world, united under a single government. The twelve billion human inhabitants lived in peace and comfort with every basic need taken care of. Inevitably, some were not content with their lot and sought to better themselves through criminal activity. With the increased prevalence of super-powered individuals turning to crime, conventional World Police forces struggled to maintain order. So was born the concept of the Special Police, super-powered officers who would form a rapid response force to deal with super-human (as well as conventional) criminals. The first SPU was formed in 2323. The following year, the world-girdling Watchstation network went fully operational, its teleport network allowing almost instantaneous response to any alarm.


In 2350 the Special Police are headed by Chief Kadnez, who has absolute authority over their operations, answering only to the Council of Science.

Operatives are grouped into three broad divisions: Patrol, responsible for first-line rapid response; Intelligence, specialists in undercover work and long-term intelligence gathering; and Science, with a remit to study and understand the physics of super-human powers in order to form better defences and offences against them.

There is no system of relative ranks among operatives. All mission assignments are by computer, with ad hoc team leads designated as required.

Day-to-day coordination and resource management is handled by the Watchstation computer network.

There is a prison facility, or "penal colony", on Saturn's moon Titan, where super-powered criminals are incarcerated.

Known Operatives

The following Special Police operatives are known to exist in the year 2350. This is obviously only a small sample of a force numbering in the hundreds.