1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities

Biographical Details

Full Name
10 August 1967; the planet Blokk in the Emissariate of Bolusca.
Interstellar Soldier and Law-Enforcement Agent.
Member of the Star Guard.


Height: 150cm (4'11"); Weight: 136kg (300lbs).

Starquake was humanoid, but short and squat, almost as wide as he was tall.


Starquake was a native of the high-gravity world Blokk located within the Emissariate of Bolusca. Impelled by a youthful desire for adventure, he left his world and joined the Star Guard, the Emissariate's elite cadre of super-powered heroes.

His first mission was supposed to be simple escort duty for a visiting foreign diplomat, the Princess M'Krell of High Ilona. When the Krai became involved, Starquake and his fellow Star Guard found themselves on Earth and involved in a battle with Strikeforce. Starquake's inexperience led him to follow the turncoat Corona in launching an unprovoked attack on Strikeforce, almost jeopardising the mission.

After that initial mission, Starquake went on to have a long and heroic career with the Star Guard.

Psychological Profile

Starquake was young and impulsive as a rookie in the Star Guard, and over-eager to prove himself. This often got him into trouble. As he matured, he became a reliable and valuable team member.

Skills and Abilities

As a native of a high-gravity world, Starquake had heightened strength and durability. His bones and tissue had three times the density of a human's, giving him much greater mass than his small size would suggest.

Starquake could leap a distance of at least ten metres from a standing start. On landing, he could create a localised ground tremor powerful enough to knock anybody close to him off their feet.