Monday 15 September 2014

Explosions Destroy Air Filtration Plant

Tragedy struck Mexico City at six this morning when the central air filtration tower was levelled by a series of massive explosions just hours before it commenced operations.

For decades, Mexico City has suffered the worst air quality on Earth as the encircling mountains trap the smog generated by cars and factories. Mexico City has clung to outmoded power sources and polluting industrial plants, despite mounting death tolls from respiratory diseases. The Mexican government cites poverty among the city's 25.6 million inhabitants as the primary obstacle to the introduction of clean air technology. Foreign aid amounting to millions of dollars every year, mainly from the United States, made little difference to the problem.

Five years ago, a UN commission proposed the solution which lead to the construction of the air filtration tower in the centre of the city. The tower was to filter and clean the lower layers of the atmosphere, removing hundreds of tons of particulate pollution and harmful gasses every day.

The air filtration tower rapidly became a wonder of the modern world, one of the largest single engineering tasks ever undertaken. Five thousand workers used 18 million tons of steel and concrete in its construction over a four year period. The finished structure towered 1600 metres above the city. Construction cost an estimated 2.2 billion dollars of foreign investment. Small scale tests have been performed over the past few months and the tower was to be formally opened today, although it was not scheduled to begin full scale operations until 2015.

Authorities have refused to speculate on the cause of the explosion at this stage, promising an immediate enquiry. Several square miles of the city were damaged by flying debris from the exploding tower. The death toll in the city is estimated to be in excess of 8000. Hospitals are filled to capacity and rescue workers are still removing bodies from the rubble.

The opening ceremony had attracted businessmen, politicans and celebrities from around the world. It is understood that all VIP guests were in hotels at a safe distance from the devestation, although several members of the Mexican government are believed to be injured or dead. President Costner was en route to Mexico City aboard Air Force One when the explosion occurred.

Multiple slasher Deaths

City police today denied rumors that a violent serial killer is at large in Los Angeles. An official statement has been issued regarding two murders committed last Sunday. The statement indicates that the victims had no known connection and that the crimes are being investigated separately.

The victims have been named as Dr Steven Hammer, a professor of psychology at the University of California, and Andrew Wallis, junior partner at the legal firm of Wallis & Wallis. Neither man leaves any immediate family.

The circumstances surrounding the murders had many similarities. Both victims were middle-aged professional men, both were murdered at their place of work after normal office hours, and both were found with their throats torn open. Given the times and distances involved, it is thought that one man could have been responsible for both crimes. The police, however, maintain that the killings fall outside the normal parameters of a serial killer's modus operandi and that there is no forensic evidence, barring the superficial similarities in the type of wound, to indicate that a single killer was responsible for both crimes.

Police are withholding full details of the cause of death. It is understood that the wounds were particularly violent and caused by some as yet unidentified slashing weapon or weapons.

There are still no solid leads on the identity of either killer.

Escaped Convicts Held up at Gas Station

Three dangerous criminals who escaped from state prisons in the early hours of the morning were recaptured and safely behind bars after only five hours of freedom.

Anne Stix, Gary Zorpette, and Glenn Wallich were on the run in a stolen vehicle. They were apprehended in mysterious circumstances at Luey's Place, a gas station and auto repair centre ten miles north of Bakersfield.

Bakersfield Police Department are not releasing any details of the arrest. It appears that a group of unknown persons apprehended the convicts, tied them up and left them for the police after sending an anonymous tip. Louis Collins, proprietor of Luey's Place, denies any involvement in this citizen's arrest. Mr Collins said:

"Well, uh, I dunno, I wuz in the shed, I fix stuff up there, see, an' I uh heard this shouting and shooting so I stay there cuz I'm not dumb, see. When I came out, it wuz all over and that's all, I told the police."

It is understood that Stix was shot during the incident and will receive treatment in a prison hospital.

Owing to the unusual circumstances surrounding the arrest, and the lack of any statement from the police or from the convict's attorney, it is possible that the incident involved some form of inter-gang rivalry.

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