Stone Circle


Twenty miles East of Los Angeles, California.


The stone circle stands on a flat, grassy hilltop in the mountains east of Los Angeles. It consists of 16 rough-hewed obelisks, ranging from three to four metres tall, standing in a ring approximately 30 metres across.

There is a small parking and picnic area below the hilltop, from which a short hiking trail leads to the circle itself.


It is commonly believed that the stone circle was constructed by Mesoamerican Native Americans, possibly as an astronomical calendar. This would make it several centuries old, though it is uncharacteristic of the monuments generally left by those people.

This hypothesis is incorrect, however. The circle was constructed by Atlantean settlers some 12,000 years ago, and its purpose was magical rather than astronomical.

Further details of its construction and purpose have been lost. Avatar of Strikeforce was able to detect residual magic at the circle in modern times, though he hazarded no guess as to its purpose.