Portrait of Avatar

Portrait of Avatar by David Meadows


  1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities
  6. Equipment

Biographical Details

Full Name
Unrevealed. (Possession of a demon's true name gives power over it, so Avatar guards this secret carefully.)
Former officer of the 24th century Special Police; construction worker in his 20th-century "civilian" identity.
Member of Strikeforce.


Humanoid, but not human. His smooth, naked skin is the matt black of a lump of basalt. His head is that of a wolf, or possibly a jackal, complete with pointed teeth. His eyes are glowing red slits. His build is sleek and muscular.


At some point in the 24th century, a naive and inexperienced wizard gained possession of a magical artefact called the Amulet of Karoona. Using this artefact, he summoned a demonic entity and bound it to the amulet, an action which in theory would have given the magician total control over the demon. Something went wrong during the ritual, and the wizard died. The demon gained possession of the binding amulet, making it something that had never been seen on Earth before: a demon with free will.

Calling itself Avatar, the demon joined the Special Police. Avatar was not officially recognised as a demon, as the Council of Science had ruled that demons do not exist. It is not clear exactly what they believed he was; presumably a human with super-human abilities and an unknown background.

In 2350, Avatar was sent back in time to the 20th century as part of a team with a mission to avert a world-threatening disaster.

The team arrived in 1987 to avert the disaster, but on completion of the mission found themselves stranded there.

Avatar continued to work with the team, now calling itself Strikeforce, as they attempted to make new lives for themselves in their new century.

Psychological Profile

Avatar has a certain naivety in regard to human ways. He considers humans to be stupid, vain, greedy and cowardly, all traits which he holds in contempt. Still, for some unexplained reason, he feels compelled to aid humanity.

Skills and Abilities

As a demon, Avatar has no pulse, no blood pressure, and no natural body temperature. He does appear to require food, water and oxygen as any human would. The exact nature of his physiology is unknown.

Avatar possesses superhuman strength, sufficient to lift several tons and punch through solid concrete or steel. He is able to fly at speeds in excess of 100 kilometres per hour.

His most formidable powers are derived from his use of magic. He can cast including illusions and form restraints of glowing energy. The full extent of his magical powers is unknown. He must speak an incantation in the Atlantean language in order to cast a spell.

Avatar's magical abilities include astral projection, which involves separating his consciousness ("astral body") from his physical body.


Avatar wears a silver amulet in the shape of a five-pointed star set in a circle (a pentagram). He wears this on a silver chain around his neck, never removing it. This is the Amulet of Karoona which was used to bind him to Earth's dimension.

Avatar wears a standard issue 24th-century police communicator bracelet on his wrist.

At one point, Avatar took the force field belt used by the Dragon and began using it.