Joseph Swan's House


Suburban Washington, D.C.


Joseph Swan, the cover identity for the Warscout from Dimension W, owns this house on the outskirts of Washington.


The house is a large mansion set in its own grounds, surrounded by a high wall and accessed through secure gates.

The house is furnished and gives the superficial appearance of being occupied, but a closer look shows that no humans live there. There is no fresh food in the refrigerator, no dirty laundry, and no personal touches such as books beside the bed. The Warscout maintains the house as a front and a place where he can meet and interact with humans, but he doesn't actually reside there.

The household staff are robots, designed to pass as human. It is not clear how many robots are in residence, but there is at least one, acting the part of Swan's butler.


It is not recorded when the Warscout acquired the mansion, but it was in his possession in 1988 when Strikeforce were investigating him.