Sylvia Roth's Beach House


21st century.


Washington state, some miles south of Seattle.


Sylvia Roth's beach-front mansion is a large, wood-framed building, three storeys tall including attic rooms. It is surrounded by dense forest on three sides, with the west aspect looking out over the ocean. It is reached by a narrow private road.

The interior is spacious and luxurious. The ground floor living room has wood panelling, a huge picture window overlooking the ocean, doors into several other rooms, thick-pile rugs on the floor, a big open fireplace, big leather couches placed around a low central table, a state-of-the-art home entertainment system with a big wall screen, and all other luxuries. The kitchen is large and full of expensive appliances, and apparently kept well stocked with food despite the house standing empty for long periods.


It is not known when Sylvia Roth acquired the beach house, but it is one of several properties she owns and she spends little time there. Sara Roth has spent time there in her childhood.