Demon City: The Haunting of Vancouver


Demon City: The Haunting of Vancouver is a 2008 non-fiction book by Paul Chant.


The book revolves around the well-documented demonic incursion into Vancouver on 31 October 1988. Drawing on eye-witness testimony, the book is a reasonably accurate blow-by-blow account of that evening and the immediate aftermath. The book fails to explain the true cause of the events, however. Conspicuously absent are first-hand accounts by any of the superheroes who were involved in the battle with the demon. Despite this, it is acknowledged as the most complete and authoritive of the many books, articles, and television specials based on the event.

Publication History

Paul Chant was a junior reporter for the Vancouver Sentinel and was in the Sentinel Building, the epicentre of the demonic incursion, on the evening in question. After carving out a subsequent career as a so-called "expert" in the paranormal, he claims he was "compelled" to write the book in time for the twentieth anniversary of the event. It was picked up by a mainstream Canadian publisher and became a bestseller in its genre. It is rumoured that Chant was given a six-figure advance for his follow-up book, It Happens In Underground Car Parks.