Sentinel Building


Between Fraser Street and Ray Street, Vancouver, Canada.


The Sentinel Building is a 35-storey office block in the business district of Vancouver.


The Sentinel Building housed the offices of several businesses, but obtained its name from being the home of the Vancouver Sentinel newspaper.

In 1988, the building was the epicentre of an extra-dimensional incursion that took the combined powers of Strikeforce and the Defense League to stop. The building suffered severe structural damage in the battle and was never fully repaired. Over the next few years, businesses moved out of the building, leaving the Sentinel as the only occupant. When the Sentinel ceased publication in 1997, the building stood empty and was listed for demolition and site redevelopment.

Although supposedly closed off, the building's underground carpark was used by pedestrians as a short cut between Fraser Street and Ray Street. In 2014, Eileen Webster was using this short cut when three thugs in the employ of the drug dealer "TC" kidnapped her baby.

Notable Appearances

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